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 First Name Last Name Degree & Year Location MemberShip No
  Sourav Ghosh B.E./2012 Howrah/INDIA A/013/ME/G00240
  Abhishek Mukherjee B.E./2012 Burdwan/INDIA A/013/ME/M00413
  Abhishek Paul B.E./2012 South 24 Parganas/INDIA A/013/ME/P00133
  Arnab Guha B.E./2012 Kolkata/INDIA A/013/ME/G00238
  Souvik Datta B.E./2012 Howrah/INDIA A/013/ETC/D00375
 Abdul Karim B.E./1963 Durgapur/INDIA L/08/EE/K0015
 Abdul Halim B.E./2011 Murshidabad/INDIA A/012/CE/H0052
 Abhay Gupta B.E./2012 Howrah/INDIA A/013/ME/G00243
 Abhijeet Banerjee B.E./2011 Varanasi/INDIA A/012/IT/B00311
 Abhijit Ghosh B.E./1965 New Delhi, /INDIA L/06/CE/G0039
 Abhijit Sen B.Arch/1971 Kolkata/INDIA L/08/ARCH/S00106
 Abhijit Dutta B.E./1974 Kolkata/INDIA L/06/CE/D0030
 Abhijit Dutta B.E./1977 xxx/INDIA L/012/ME/D00346
 Abhijit Pakrashi B.E./1983 Salt Lake/INDIA L/011/CE/P0094
 Abhijit Bhaumik B.E./1983 Kolkata/INDIA L/07/EE/B00109
 Abhijit Ghosh B.E./1985 Kolkata/INDIA L/06/CE/G0023
 Abhijit Patra B.E./1986 Hooghly/INDIA L/014/ME/P00158
 Abhijit Dutta B.E./1987 New Delhi/INDIA L/015/CE/D00438
 Abhijit Chakraborty B.E./1989 Howrah/INDIA L/015/CE/C00237
 Abhijit Sarkar B.E./1996 Dubai/UNITED ARAB EMIRATES L/010/ME/S00216
 Abhijit Chaudhuri B.E./1999 Chennai/INDIA L/016/CE/C00260
 Abhijit Gupta B.E./1999 Bangalore/INDIA L/015/EE/G00289
 Abhijit Patra B.E./2007 Kolkata/INDIA L/011/CE/P0093
 Abhijit Dutta B.E./2007 Kolkata/INDIA A/07/CE/D00119
 Abhijit Naskar B.E./2008 Haldia/INDIA L/010/CE/N0043
 Abhijit Debnath B.E./2009 Agartala/INDIA A/010/IT/D00203
 Abhijit Samanta B.E./2009 Medinipur/INDIA A/010/IT/S00191
 Abhijit Ghosh B.E./2009 Midnapore/INDIA L/016/MET/G00307
 Abhijit Bhattacharjee B.E./2009 Hooghly/INDIA A/010/EE/B00192
 Abhijit Mondal B.E./2010 Burdwan/INDIA A/010/MET/M00262
 Abhijit Kundu B.E./2010 Paschim Medinipur/INDIA A/010/CE/K0048
 Abhijit Dutta B.E./2012 Bankura/INDIA A/013/ME/D00382
 Abhik Mallick B.E./2009 Ghatal/INDIA A/010/EE/M00176
 Abhik Banerjee B.E./2012 Allahabad/INDIA A/013/CE/B00346
 Abhinaba Majumder B.E./2012 Kolkata/INDIA A/013/CE/M00372
 Abhinandan Gangopadhyay B.E./2010 Howrah/INDIA A/010/MET/G00183
 Abhinandan Pandey B.E./2010 Kolkata/INDIA A/010/ETC/P0073
 Abhinandan Bera B.Arch/2011 Kolkata/INDIA A/013/ARCH/B00383
 Abhinav Kumar B.E./2010 Patna/INDIA A/010/MET/K0070
 abhinav kumar B.E./2010 banka/INDIA A/010/IT/K0061
 Abhinav Singh B.E./2010 Aurangabad/INDIA A/010/MIN/S00274
 Abhineet Kumar B.E./2010 Sahibganj/INDIA A/010/EE/K0078
 Abhirupa Ranjan MBA/2013 Kolkata/INDIA L/015/SOMS/R00186
 Abhisek Moulik B.E./2008 Jamshedpur/INDIA L/017/EE/M00549
 Abhisek Mukherjee B.E./2011 Burdwan/INDIA A/012/EE/M00328
 Abhisek Biswas B.E./2012 Nadia/INDIA A/013/ETC/B00355
 Abhisek Mandal B.E./2012 Hooghly/INDIA A/013/CE/M00376
 Abhisek Mitra B.E./2012 Howrah/INDIA A/013/ETC/M00395
 Abhisek Mandal B.E./2012 Paschim Medinipur/INDIA A/013/MET/M00418
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