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Last updated on November 29, 2014 (IST)

GAABESU Scholarship Programme - An Overview

It is the vision of the alumni of Bengal Engineering College (now known as Bengal Engineering and Science University) to project BESU as a successful and a leading institution of learning and research. One of the main components towards fulfilling that goal would be to recruit the best minds as students of the University. In order to attract the best candidates to BESU, the educational opportunity at BESU needs to be based purely upon merit and not on one’s financial background.

The alumni scholarship programme was set up in 1998 to help meritorious but needy students. Students with documented financial needs are now being offered the opportunity to apply for scholarships to meet their costs of tuition, books and boarding.

These scholarships have been created by contributions from the alumni globally. The number of scholarships varies yearly depending on the funds available and the number of qualifying applicants. A Scholarship Committee has been formed by GAABESU (Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering & Science University) where representatives from all participating Alumni Chapters in India and abroad co-ordinate with BESU faculty & administration. A scholarship management procedure has also been developed by GAABESU to bring about a documented, fair and a transparent selection process.

Programme Document: 2014-15

  • GAABESU Scholarship Process Document
  • Programme Documents: 2010-11

  • Alumni Fellowship for Excellence Award>/a>
  • Programme Documents: 2009-10

  • Programme Documents: 2007-08

  • Programme Documents: 2006-07

  • GAABESU Scholarship Sub-Committee (SSC)

    Prof Anjan Ghosh, 76ETC, PICSA/Dean, Students - Chairman
    Mr. Rajdeep Dutta, 88EE - Global Co-ordinator & Oman Rep.
    Dr. Amitava Roy, 90ARCH - BESU Co-ordinator
    Mr. Subrata Ghosh, 84ME - USA Rep.
    Mr. Amitabha Chatterjee, 83EE - 1983 Batch Rep.
    Mr. Sukanta Roy, 77ETC - Mumbai Rep.
    Mr. Somnath Sinha Roy, 87ARCH - UAE Rep.
    Mr. Pranesh Biswas, 90CE - Canada Rep.
    Mr. Rajib Gupta Sarma, 88EE - Kolkata Rep.
    Dr. Apurna Kr. Ghosh, 93MinE - BESU Rep.
    Mr. Asim Deb, 77ETC - Delhi Rep.
    Dr. Rupak Bhattacharya, 79CE - 1979 Batch Rep.

    BESU Team

    (1) Dean, FEAT
    (2) Registrar.
    (3) Finance Officer
    (4) Controller of Examination

    Contact Info: Email: scholarship[AT] or Alumni Office

    Address: GAABESU, Guest House, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah, India 711 103; Phone/Fax: +91-33-26684564

    Scholarship Plan (Original as started within USA)

    Bengal Engineering College Alumni Scholarship Program has been instituted starting 1999 in order to provide financial support to selected needy students who are currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree at Bengal Engineering College. The plan is to raise $50,000 for the B.E.College Alumni Scholarship Fund by December 2002 and invest the money in a conservative fund in the US and generate income to pay for the scholarships. 

    The scholarship committee has 4 members from the U.S. and 4 members from B.E. College (D.U.).  The members from the U.S. are:

    Sripati Bhattacharya 63EE
    Subrata Ghosh 84ME
    Swapan Saha 88EE
    Tanmay Das 86CST

    Bengal Engineering College Alumni Scholarship Committee is a registered non-profit organization and donation to the scholarship fund is exempt from U.S. federal taxes.

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