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Alumni of our BEC/BECDU/BESU have long been active in raising funds to aid fellow alumni, students, faculty and staff members for pursuing academic endeavors or while undergoing cost- of prohibitive emergency medical treatments or facing other trying circumstances. Even before the Global Alumni Association was formed, alumni from all over the world have successfully raised and contributed in the tune of Rs. 40-45 lakhs (see Section 8.0, References of the Process Document) to help several students, staff, alumni and their family members. In all the cases, 100% of the fund raised for a particular case

went to the individual or their family members. The common factor in all fund drives is that they were coordinated by alumni volunteers using website and other electronic media. Although most of the cases have been posted

on the site:, the list is not exhaustive.


Since the formation of the Global Alumni Association, there has been an ongoing effort to formalize and streamline the process of mobilizing such aid collected from alumni contributions. In order to manage this effort efficiently and in a transparent

manner, this program will be governed by certain rules and guidelines. The emergency fund program is planned to execute in two phases. The first phase would work in a “reactive” mode and once a case is accepted, it would be pursued following

the existing process. Phase two will be planned as reactive plus proactive mode with an existing fund that can be delivered right away to mitigate some emergencies. Since we are yet to create a fund to combat emergency situations, only phase one is described in the process document.

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