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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


What is the objective of Alumni Website?

Our objective is:

  • that a strong value can be created from a strong alumni network which will benefit the current students, past graduates, the departments, the College and our society in large. The role of the Bengal Engineering and Science University Alumni Association is to enable this value creation process by leveraging on the relationship and expertise among the alumni and to be causal in building upon our BEC pride.
  • to provide a forum for the alumni to connect back to the college and to assist recent graduates and current students in shaping their careers.
  • to provide a forum and an opportunity to the alumni to give back to the college.
  • to promote the relationship and better understanding amongst alumni, students, and faculty of all the Departments.
  • to initiate and assist in the professional furtherance of its members.
  • to provide career advice and employment prospects for BEC students.
  • to support the all the Departments and college in hosting social events that will better form relationships between our existing students and our alumni.
  • to conduct outreach with BEC alumni.
  • to contribute to the college at large in all the Departments and the other related technology fields.


Who designs and maintains this site?

First version of the alumni web site was developed by Subrata Ghosh-84ME and Swapan Saha-88EE. Apurba Tribedi-94CE and Pranesh Biswas-90CE joined later.
The present alumni web team is represented by

  • Siddhartha Banerjee-2003ME
  • Sanjay Ghosh-2002ETC
  • Ramen Dutta-2002ETC
  • Gunjan Mandal-2001ETC
  • Gautam Datta-2001ME
  • Chitta Haty-2000CST
  • Koustav Biswas-2000 ME
  • Debabrata Pal-2000EE
  • Kaustabh Dasgupta-1997CE
  • Apurba Tribedi-1994CE
  • Pranesh Biswas-1990CE
  • Bhaskar Chattopadhyay-1989ETC
  • Swapan Saha-1988EE
  • Rajdeep Dutta-1988EE
  • Tarun Basu-1967CE
  • Santosh Sinha-1965CE


How to register to the website?

You can add your information directly to the alumni web site as follows:


The alumni directory is showing incorrect information about me. How do I correct it?

If you have already registered to the alumni web site, but your information is not upto date, please update them as

  • Visit http://www.becollege.org
  • Click on "Members"
  • Click on "Update Records" in the left menu bar
  • Use your username/password and enter your information. If you do not remember your username/password, please send a request to webmaster@becollege.org with your full name, year and department. Someone from the alumni web team will respond to you within 8 hrs after receiving your request.


How to search a batchmate or an alum?

You can search your batchmate directly from the alumni web site as follows:

  • Visit http://www.becollege.org
  • Click on "Members"
  • Click on "Search Alumni"
  • Enter your batchmates’ information and hit "Search"


How to post a question or reply to a question?

  • Visit http://www.becollege.org
  • Click on "Discussion Board"
  • Click on "Login"
  • Either login if you already registered to the forum (different from the alumni list) or register to the forum
  • Click on any forum (Example: Discuss your thought)
  • Click on any topic
  • To reply to the topic, click on "post reply" and enter your message and click on "post reply" when you are done. To add a new message, click on "new topic", and enter your message and click on "post message"

How the web site operates with local chapter?

The alumni web site maintains a list of local chapter representatives at http://www.becollege.org -> Alumni Chapters Section. They either officially elected representatives and/or volunteer where there are no official chapters. Please contact your local chapter representative to update your information. If you are a chapter representative and need help, please contact web team at webmaster@becollege.org or gbecaa@yahoo.com. Someone local to your area will contact you either by email and/or phone.


Why am I being asked to Sign In?

As part of our service to the alumni of BESU, Shibpur, we offer several useful features such as the following:

  • Viewing of detailed information about other registered alumni.
  • Discussion boards with focused content, such as Seminar, Careers & Jobs.
These features are available to you only if you Sign In. Additionally, by Signing In, you can update your profile information that is currently stored in the alumni directory.


The alumni directory is showing incorrect information about my friend. Why don't you correct it?

Thank you for catching this error. Only the "owner" of the profile (in this case, your friend) has the authority to change information about himself/herself. Please notify your friend about this problem and urge him/her to correct this error.


What steps do you take to ensure the privacy of my data?

We take all reasonable steps to keep access to this data restricted to only authorized people.

  • We never sell this data to anybody.
  • Only the very basic information (like address, phone no., e-mail id, year of passing) about you is available to the general user from our alumni directory.


Why is the "Job Openings" message board restricted to registered alumni only?

We offer the services on this web-site as a benefit to BESU, Shibpur alumni. In order to provide better and focused services, we felt the need to restrict this message board to registered alumni only. Yes, this will reduce the number of job openings posted on this board. At the same time however, it will also increase the quality and focus of the jobs posted here. If you want to take a look at jobs in general (not neccessarily posted by BEINGS), there are many other web-sites around which have hundreds of job-postings.


How to send feedback?

To send your feedback click on "Feedback" from the link below at the site and send your feedback to info@becollege.org or webmaster@becollege.org. You can send your questions, comments, suggestions to webmaster@becollege.org or gbecaa@yahoo.com. You message will be either responded by the alumni web team or will be forwarded to appropriate person in BESU and/or alumni chapters or alumni team.


How to get username/password for the alumni list?

You can get your username/password after doing the steps as follows:

After submitting the form the username/password which you have entered will help you to log in again for modifying your information.


What can I do if I have forgotten my User-ID or Password?

Just mail to webmaster@becollege.org and you will be informed 2-3 days later by giving your forgotten username/password.


How to get username/password for the discussion board?

  • Visit http://www.becollege.org
  • Click on "Discussion Board" at the top menu bar.
  • Click on "Register" at the top menu.
  • Then follow the step to get a new username/password other than your alumni list username.


What are the present alumni projects?

Work on "act locally and think globally" principle to involve local alumni with the global alumni for the projects which are running:

  • Alumni Scholarships and
  • Alumni VLSI Project.
  • Alumni Seminar Series
  • Alumni Seminar Room Upgrade Project
A group of active alumni in the USA and Canada also implemented Alumni Lan project at the college.
To find all the details of Alumni Projects:
  • Visit http://www.becollege.org
  • Click on "Projects" from the top menu bar.
  • Then find the required project in the Project lists from the menu at left.


In your list of Alumni Chapters, why is my chapter not listed or is listed with incorrect information?

If you notice your chapter information is incorrect and/or is missing, please contact webmaster@becollege.org, and we will be glad to update the page with the correct information.


How to donate to the Alumni Projects?

You can donate to any alumni project or involve with them. Please check the individual project page for contact information. Otherwise, send a message to webmaster@becollege.org or gbecaa@yahoo.com, you will be connected to proper alumni team.


I am already a registered user. How can I change my username/password?

A registered user can change his username/password by doing the following steps:

  • Visit http://www.becollege.org
  • Click on "Members"
  • Click on "Update Information"
  • Put your present username and password in username and password field respectively and click on "Submit Form".
  • After changing your username/password hit the "Submit" button.


How one can enter into the Seminar or Careers & Jobs section in Discussion Forum?

This forum requires a password to proceed. To get password, please send your Full Name, Department and year of Passing to webmaster@becollege.org . You will get your password within 24 hours.


How to get the global alumni list, batch-wise list, How to reach global association?

Global alumni list is distributed all alumni who registered to the alumni list and joined distribution list, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/becollege


How to reach global association?

Global alumni association is being formed. It will be headquartered in Kolkata. All alumni will be notified once the association is registered.


How to add a chapter to the web site?

Chapter representatives (where it exist and volunteers where official chapters do not exist) should contact alumni web team (email: webmaster@becollege.org or gbecaa@yahoo.com) to advise to add a chapter. It needs one or more chapter representatives and they are known as "moderators" in the web site.


How to add/update a moderator?

Alumni web team adds/updates a moderator based on request received from the official chapter representatives. However, moderator needs to be a registered alumni member at http://www.becollege.org.


How to receive newsletters via email or regular post?

Alumni newsletters are being distributed from webmaster@becollege.org to all alumni registered to the alumni web site, http://www.becollege.org for last 6 years. Since January 2005, a new distribution list is created, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/becollege, to distribute the newsletters effectively to all members. The new delivery mechanism allows archiving the old newsletters and offers industry grade workflow (to approve/moderate members/messages). In future newsletters could be delivered by regular post once the global association is formed to paid members either directly from the headquarter or from regional chapters.


Who contributes to the news items?

Any alumnus, faculty, student and BESU officials along with chapter and global association officials can contribute any BESU/alumni news, events and major achievement which brings glory to BESU and/or alumni community beyond any individual person.


Who moderates the news items?

Alumni web team along with global alumni association and local chapters will moderate the news items.


How news items are moderated?

Any news and events positively affect BESU will be published to the web site. Every effort will be made to make sure any strong political and/or social inclination is avoided. We, alumni web team, also avoid any personal attack or profane languages in all form of correspondences and contents.


Who manages alumni projects?

A small alumni and faculty/BESU official runs each project. Please visit each project page and find out the contact and team information.


How to help alumni in emergency?

There is no organized way to help alumni in need. However in last 5/6 years several cases are handled successfully. Each case is handled individually. Please visit http://www.becollege.org -> Members -> Members in Need. For each case a small team is formed with mainly class-mate and/or hostel-mate. The team works with alumni volunteers across major locations and collect funds, update the status. Fund and medical information is published to the web site regularly. Local chapter can collect money using local organization and may get tax benefit for the donors.


How to schedule a seminar at BESU?

Alumni Seminar project is run jointly by a faculty team and alumni team. Prof. Pratik Dutta, 90 MinE leads the Faculty team and Mr. Ashish Basu, 83CE leads the alumni team. The team maintains a distribution list, bec_seminar@yahoogroups.com. More information is available at http://www.becollege.org/Projects/Seminar.html


How to reserve the guest house at BESU?

Contact Registrar to book the guest house at BESU.


How to donate books to BESU?

There is no official way to donate books to BESU. You can directly contact individual department for their interests. Otherwise contact webmaster@becollege.org; the web team will arrange communication with BESU including departments.


Whom to contact for a new project proposal at BESU?

There is a no cookie cutter solution for a new project. If you have a new idea, talk with your fellow alumni and come up with a proposal. You can contact webmaster@becollege.org; the alumni web team can distribute your proposal to all interested alumni and faculty. Even you can post your idea to the Discussion Board. In future all proposals will be channeled through the global alumni association to manage the project effectively. If you have an idea and resources (funds and /or subject matter expertise), contact any official at BESU including VC, Registrar, Dean or HoDs.


Contact information of BESU

Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur
Botanic Garden, Howrah 711 103, West Bengal, India.
Tel: 91 33 26684561-63/0521-25
Fax: 91 33 26682916/4564

Dr N. R. Banerjea, Vice Chancellor
Email: vc@becs.ac.in

Dr Indra N Sinha, Registrar
Email: regis@becs.ac.in
Ph. No. ++ 91 33 2668 1503(o)


How to update your information at http://www.becollege.org?

This brief note describes how alumni list is maintained at the global alumni web site. It provides multiple options how you can add/update information directly or how you can contact web team members either by email or fax. If you need help, please send a message to one of them. Someone will get back to you either by email and/or phone. We need your help to maintain the alumni list which is only shared for alumni/BESU activities. We make sure the list is not used for any other purposes. We need your active cooperation as all the team members work free for their passions for our Alma Mater. We only can make our alumni community and our Alma Mater better once we work together with common goals.

Please send your information in the following format
Field NameExampleComments
Middle InitialNFirst character of your middle name, if any
Address1123 Main Street 
Address2Flat # 12Use if you need
HomePhone123-45678Include country code etc. specify the format, like (965)3714721 or +965-3714721.
WorkPhone876-5432Include country code etc.
CompanyMy Company 
Homepage If you have any personal web site
UserName Choose your username for future update
Password Choose your password for future update
Hostel1 Name First Hostel Name
Hostel2 Name Second Hostel Name (only two are allowed now)
ChapterNameKolkata Chapter 
AchievementChairman of my own company 
CommentsLike to contact my batchmates 
Alternate Emailram@b.com 


How to get help to update information?

If you need help in updating your information, please contact your nearest web team members located around the world. They are alumni volunteers working for the web site. Please contact your local chapter representatives for any official information about your local chapter.

  • By local representatives

    The alumni web site maintains a list of local chapter representatives at http://www.becollege.org -> Alumni Chapters Section. They either officially elected representatives and/or volunteer where there are no official chapters. Please contact your local chapter representative to update your information. If you are a chapter representative and need help, please contact web team at webmaster@becollege.org or gbecaa@yahoo.com. Someone local to your area will contact you either by email and/or phone.

  • By global alumni web team

    You have the following options to update your information:

    • Add/Update to the web site yourself
    • Contact your nearest alumni web team member
    • Email the following information to webmaster@becollege.org or gbecaa@yahoo.com
    • Fax the information to +1 650-494-5035 (USA and Canada); From other countries, 001-650-494-5035

      First Name
      Middle Initial
      Last Name
      Nickname, if any
      Spouse, if any
      Home Phone
      Work Phone
      Hostel1 Name
      Hostel2 Name
      Cell Phone
      Alternate Email


What was the reason behind to form the Alumni Web team?

Alumni web team is a virtual team of alumni located in almost all major alumni hub (India, Middle East, Japan, Canada and USA) from different batches (from 60s to 2003) manages the alumni web site, the distribution list and email accounts (webmaster@becollege.org, gbecaa@yahoo.com). Alumni web team works closely with local chapters, BESU faculty, BESU administration and the proposed global association out of Kolkata to publish information to the web site on regular basis.


How to add news item or an event to the web site?

Visit to http://www.becollege.org -> Alumni Chapter -> Login (Right hand top, use username/password from alumni list) with username, password and Action="Manage Chapter. -> Click on Middle East (as example) -> Click on Oman Chapter (as example) -> Click on "Add New" or "Add Event". Enter your plain text message (Copying from Word may not work! - A Bug to be fixed).


How to update your local member info?

Visit to http://www.becollege.org -> Alumni Chapter -> Login (Right hand top, use username/password from alumni list) with username, password and Action="Manage Member. -> Enter Country as example "Oman". It will bring all alumni registered from Oman. Click on the first name of any entry and enter the info.


How to gate “Transcript” from BESU?

To get prompt action please contacts Mr. Gautam Biswas (+919433134161) directly. He should try his best to arrange for this certificate.

You can also reach in case of his unavailability to Dr. Bhaswati Mitra, Controller of Examination (contex@becs.ac.in, 91-33-26684561/62/63, 91-33-26680521/22/23/24/25;  Extn.356/269 ).



Last updated on 18th May 2005




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