Biplab Roy(98 ETC) Needs Help

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Last Updated on Oct 24, 2004 (This case is closed now)
Contact Information
Update on Oct 24, 2004
Update on Oct 1, 2004
Update on April 30, 2004
Update on March 11, 2004
Acknowledgement of USA and Jamsedpur Funds
Donation from Jamsedpur
Update on Feb 26, 2004
Message from Japan
Update on Feb 17, 2004
Donation from UK
Funds in USA and Canada - Second Round
Donation from UAE
Funds in USA and Canada - First Round
Initial Appeal

Contact Information
  • Bappa (99 ME),UK,kumar.salui at
  • Partha Chakrabarty, India, Partha.Chakrabarty at
  • Debabrata Pal, Japan, debabrata.pal at, (2000 EE)
  • Swapan Saha, 88 EE, USA, swapan_saha at
  • Swapan Biswas, sanjoy.biswas at
  • Somnath Sinha Ray, 87 ARCH, UAE
  • Dipankar Gupta, 63 CE, Jamsedpur

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    Funds & Medical Update on October 24 2004

    Hope each of us are doing fine irrespective of wherever they are. One news I want to share with u all. Biplab Roy has undergone kidney tranplantation for the second time on 8th of october in Woodlands Nursing Home. I am in constant touch with his family and now the situation is "bit" ok. Some problems are still there. He is under the supervision of doctors and hopefully if everything goes fine he will be released from the nursing home by this weekend.

    Already we have handed over 8.5 lakhs to his family and I have received call/msgs from few others who are still asking about the fund status and the future requirements. Its true as the transplantation delayed for 7-8 months due to different complicacy, the expenses went into a huge amount. I haven't been able to talk to Biplab's family regarding that part but will inform you once that is being done.

    Lets hope Biplab can recover and comeback to his normal life at the earliest. If you want to speak to Biplab u can try the following number: 0091 33 24567075/24567090,ask for the room no 108. Patient name Biplab Roy.

    Take care everybody.


    Partha Chakrabarty

    [9830392486(mob), 23339201(off)]

    The amount details for BECAA Japan Medical Emergency Collection and money transfers are as below: Total Money Collected : Yen 74500 (till 22 Oct 2004) Amount Transfered : Yen 73815 = Rs. 28500 (AT Yen 2.59 = Rs 1 at of 08 September 2004). Amount Remaining in A/C : Yen 686. BECAA Japan has donated Rs. 28500/3 = Rs. 9500 to each case.

    Dear Debabrata,

    From: partha.c[AT] [mailto:partha.c[AT]]

    Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 8:10 PM

    To: Pal, Debabrata

    Subject: RE: URGENT : Biplab Roy (B E College '98 ETC) Needs Help
    Thanks..It is there...I will handover Rs 9,500 to Biplab's family. Good job but it is not done. I will send an update regarding biplab's status when he will be fit for undergoing the transplantation. Let us pray for him. You can have a chat with him at 0091 33 32782361.



    List from Japan
  • Indra Basu BEC EE 2000 - TCSer Yen 2000
  • Jyotipriya Majumdar Non-BEC TCSer Yen 2000
  • Koushik Dey Non-BEC TCSer Yen 2000
  • Rajesh Oza Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1500
  • Ravi Gupta Non-BEC TCSer Yen 10000
  • Sandip Datta Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1000
  • Shiba Prasad Das Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1000
  • Subir Bhuniya Non-BEC TCSer Yen 3000
  • Surya Ray Non-BEC TCSer Yen 2000
  • Ujjal Ray Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1000
  • Sanjib Basu BEC CE 1988 - TCSer Yen 10000
  • Poolak Bandyopadhyay BEC ETC 1981 Yen 10000
  • Raju Datta BEC CST 1991 - TCSer Yen 5000
  • Debabrata Pal, BEC EE 2000, Bholanath Pal, BEC ETC 1976,Shyamal Kar,BEC and Sourav Kundu,BEC Arch 1990 - Together Yen 24000

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    Update on Oct 1, 2004


    I am back after a long gap. Basically there was no such improvements from Biplabís end and he has been struggling for the last 8-9 months. There were lots of incidents such as getting a perfect matched donor, getting Biplabís health in a condition so that he could go for the transplantation etc etc.

    Now after having 7 months dialysis there is no other way except transplantation. They have got a go ahead from the doctors. He will be admitting in the woodlands nursing home on 6th October and the transplantation is supposed to be on 8th October at 3 pm . We have already handed over nearly Rs 8.5 lakhs to his family but its true the actual expenditure has already crossed the estimation due to this long delay. Thanks for all your effort. Let us pray for Biplab again so that he can cross this hardle.

    Could I request u to call him over this weekend and push up his moral a bit. His no is 0091 32782361.


    Partha (00919830392486)


    Update on April 30, 2004

    Partha Chakrabarty: partha.c[AT] updates on April 27, 2004 that Rupee Draft sent by Swapan Saha (second draft for US$ 876.0) was received by Biplab's family in Katwa.
    Dear Friends

    Its me again. Here we have few good news.

    1) Biplab has got one donor and the HLA typing has matched. Now the guy is undergoing few required tests just to check whether he has any other diseases or not. Besides, his family is trying to keep some backups so that if required he/she can be used.

    2) Biplab has responded well in the pleurisy treatment. He needs another 2-3 weeks to be fully recovered.

    Bad news is doctors r suspecting that the only damaged kidney has created lots of problem internally. Mainly each and every time after the dialysis biplab gets high fever. Doctors are suspecting that due to the damaged kidney he has been facing these problems. Now they are planning to remove that kidney from his body and that decision will be taken very soon. This means one extra operation. At present his family is having chat with few nephro specialist of Kolkata as well as Apollo Chennai. Biplab has already undergone few tests for that. If the kidney needs to be removed then his transplantation will be delayed by another month.

    In the last mail I had given one mobile number. Looks like few of us did give a call. Could I request you again to call and have a chat with him?

    Please call at 0091 33 32782361.

    Could I request my co-ordinators again to forward this mail to our near & dear friends?

    Thanks for all ur cooperation.

    Partha #9830392486(mob) 23339550(off)


    Update on March 11, 2004

    Dear Friends

    I am back again. I hope my coordinators had forwarded all my previous mails to our near & dear friends who are very much anxious abt Biplab's status. The latest news is Biplab's condition has improved a bit although he had infection in lungs. He has responded well in the Pleurisy treatment but there is no chance of kidney transplantation before May for this infection. Biplab is having dialysis regularly.

    Beside the money matter the most important thing is now to keep his moral high. I have given one new mobile phone to him. Could I request you to call him and have a chat with him. Everyone of you may not be knowling Biplab but at this moment one call will definitely boost up his moral.

    Please dial at 0091 33 32782361.


    #9830392486(mob); 23339550(off)


    Acknowledgement of USA and Jamsedpur Funds

    On March 5, 2004, Partha Chakrabarty (Partha.Chakrabarty[AT] informed that Biplab's brother received checks sent by Dipankar Gupta,Jamsedpur and Swapan Saha, USA.


    BECAA Jamshedpur, India sent Rs 20500.00

    BECAA Jamshedpur, India sent Rs 20500.00. Dipankar Gupta updates on Feb 28, 2004

    In connection with Biplab's medical treatment we have so far sent Rs 20500/= in two instalments. A D/D of Rs 5000/= from our Shibpur Engineering College Old Boys Association, Jamshedpur was sent by registered post on 25th Feb Ď04 to their Katwa address. Further to that I have sent a D/D of Rs 15500/= by Speedpost on 28/02/04 as per the detail given in the attached letter which was enclosed with the D/D. Jamshedpur Speedpost office has sent it to Burdwan Speedpost office. The reference number of the Speedpost is EE 87220696 4 IN . Hope they will be able to get it soon. Kindly inform me if you know about the receipt of the mails by Biplab's kin. Kindly convey our best wishes to Biplab when you meet him next. With regards, Dipankar Gupta


    Update on Feb 26, 2004

    Update from Partha Chakrabarty on Feb 26, 2004

    Biplab has already been released from SSKM hospital. He is now having dialysis twice in a week in Woodlands Nursing Home in Kolkata till we get the Kidney with proper HLA matching. I was busy for assesment so couldn't able to update u all. Biplab was having breathing trouble on last Monday before the dialysis and had to take oxygen. Then he was able to take the first dialysis and it was OK. Today he is supposed to take the second dialysis. Communication has been a great problem for me as they don't have direct phone numbers and Biplab returns back to behala after the dialysis. They do call me up 2/3 times in a week. I will try to be in Woodlands when he is going to have the third dialysis. Will update again in the next week.


    Message from Japan

    Sourav Kundu, 1990 ARCH updates from Japan on Feb 21, 2004

    Debabrata Pal, debabrata.pal[AT], (2000 EE) has set up a postal account and has just started the collection drive for Biplob Roy (98 ETC). I am helping him in this effort. We will see how much we can raise here in Japan. We have a handful of Alumni here. We might ask the Non-BEC Bengali Community for help here. For alumni in Japan, please contact Debabrata.


    USA Funds - Second Round

    Till March 17, the following contributions are received. We already mailed a check for US$ 813.00
    • Avijit & Saswati Banerjee, Atlanta, Non-alumni, 50.00
    • Sumanta Chakraborty, 98 ETC, CA, 250.00
    • Amit & Aparna Das, 98 EE, 200.00
    • Pradip Dutta, 98 EE, 100.00
    • Samaresh Mukhopadhyay, Non-Alumni, Atlanta, 51.00
    • Anonymous, 97 CE, DC Area, 50.00
    • Anonymous, 94 CE, DC Area, 50.00
    • Anonymous, 93 CE, DC Area, 50.00
    • Anonymous, 83 ME, Atlanta, 25.00
    • Anonymous, 83 ETC, Atlanta,20.00
    • Swapan Mondal, 83 ETC, Atlanta, 30.00

    Sujan Bhattacharyya, 81 CE approached Atlanta, GA, USA based local Bengali community for donations and several of them sent their donations to Swapan Saha. The list will be posted on coming weekend. The next check from USA is scheduled to be sent on March 31, 2004.


    Donation from UAE

    Update from UAE on Feb 18, 2004 by Somnath Sinha Roy, 87 ARCH

    Last night we sent Rs.15,267.00 to Sanjoy's ICICI a/c at salt Lake
    • Sudipta Ray, AbuDhabi, 1987 Arch dhs 100
    • Somnath Sinha Roy, AbuDhabi, 1987 Arch dhs 100
    • Sujay Majumder, Sharjah 1990, Arch dhs 100
    • Manojit De, Sharjah 1987 Civil, dhs 100
    • Tanushree Chakraborty, Sharjah, 1991 Civil dhs 100
    • Nirjhar Chakraborty, Sharjah, 1991 Civil dhs 100
    • Debjani Das, Dubai 1986 ETC, dhs 200
    • Palash Guha Neogi, Sharjah, 1991 Civil dhs 50
    • Surya Nandi, Sharjah 1986, Civil dhs 100
    • Banaja Bhaduri, AbuDhabi, 1990 Elec dhs 100
    • Shome Shankar, Dey Dubai, 1981 Civil dhs 200

    Total Dhs. 1250


    If you want you can transfer to an account directly. Here are the details:

    Account holder's name : Sanjoy Biswas

    Account No.: . ICICI Bank Salt Lake Branch

    Write Biplab in the Memo

    Sanjoy Biswas, 97 EE

    Tata Consultancy Services

    Mailto: sanjoy.biswas[AT]


    Update on Feb 17, 2004

    From: Chakrabarty, Partha

    Date: Tue Feb 17, 2004 8:58 am

    Subject: RE: Biplab Roy

    Hi Friends

    I met Biplab again on last Sunday. Situation is very critical at this moment. Very soon he will be going for dialisis in Beleveu. Their family is still hunt for the kidney. They have given advertisement in the local newspapers. The requirement is BLOOD GROUP B+ and people should come up with the HLA typing. If anyone have any contacts could I request you to contact the following 2 numbers.

    1) +91 3453 257408 ( Biplab's res)

    2) +91 33 25656369 ( His uncle's house )

    Now doctors have given 2 options.

    1) Transplantation for the second time

    2) Inputing some machine in his body which may work till 7 years.

    For the first option, second transplantation is of high risk and depends upon the first transplantation. This doesn't give much hope to all of us but if there is no other option then we need he needs to opt for that.

    For the second option, there will be a trial for 2 months and if that works then they can buy that machine and data says it may work for 7 years. But inputting a foreign body won't be that much easy.

    The second option will come only when doctor's believe that we have very little hope for the second transplantation. Previously doctor was talking abt some PRA ( Panel Reactive Antibodies) test which could tell abt the probability of rejecting the new kidney after second transplantation. Now they are saying in India this sort of test is not being done. I have sent one detailed mail to Vellore cmc today and his family is contacting APPOLO, Chennai to confirm this. If anyone have any info regarding that could you please share with us. That will be a great help.

    Many people may think why their family is not going directly to Vellore or Appolo chennai. The main problem is Biplab had his first transplantation in Appolo, Chennai and they had a bad experience. For vellore they want the patient to stay back for atleast six months after transplantation and moreover his family need to check whether they accept kidney from outside or not.

    I still believe as this is a critical case so if anyone of u have any info abt some good medical treatment of this in India please come up with ur suggestion. If situation comes and we get kidney, then transplantation should be taken place in that place where Biplab will get the maximum facilities and the best treatment.

    Thats all folks....will update u again...and if anybody have any suggestions please reply back to me..






    Swapan Saha mailed a check for US$ 813.00 on Feb 17 by Registered mail to Biplab's Katwa residence.

    B E College Alumni sincerely appreciate and thank Pujari, an organization of the Bengalies in Atlanta, Georgia, USA for posting an appeal for Biplab at

    Update from Partha
    We need around 6-7 Lakhs Rupees for Biplab. We received several individual donations from many alumni. We will try to make sure to prepare the list as complete as possible.

    Donation from UK

    Update from Bappa, 99 ME, UK on Feb 16, 2004
    • Azef Aziz (Glasgow University/BT) - 40.00
    • Buddhadev Jana (BEC MET 99/ Strathclyde University) - 30.00
    • Satya Shankar Jana (Vidyasagar University/Strathclyde univ)- 20
    • Devopam Mukherjee (BEC EE 99/ BT) 50.00
    • Ratnakar Palai (Strathclyde University) 5.00
    • Anonymous (BEC MECH 99/Glasgow & Strathclyde Uni)- 100.00
    • Mousum , Sourish, Pushan , Srini and Sumanta Paul (BEC 2000/ Sommerfield, UK) - 150.00
    • Jishnu Roy (BEC 2000) - 30
    • Arvind Sharma (Sommerfield UK) -5
    • Shatadru Majumder (Sommerfield UK) -12
    • Sayantan Das (BEC2000) - 30


    USA Funds - First Round

    Swapan Saha received total US$ 813.00. Here is a list of donors:
    • Anonymous, 89 ETC, CT - 100.00
    • Anonymous, 90 ME, NJ - 100.00
    • Arshad Alam, 94 CST, TX - 33.00
    • Somnath Mukherjee, 90 EE, MA - 30.00
    • Anonymous, 01, EE, MN - 25.00
    • Sujan Bhattacharya, 81 CE, GA - 100.00
    • Swapan Saha, 88 EE, CA - 100.00
    • Anonymous, Atlanta,GA 82 CE - 25.00
    • Anonymous, Portland, OR, 98 CST - 150.00
    • Madhubanti Mukherjee, OH, 98 ETC - 50.00
    • Anuradha Agarwal, OH, 98 ETC - 50.00
    • Amitava Bhaduri, OH, 97 ETC - 50.00

    A check for US$ 813 will be mailed to Biplab Father on Tuesday (Feb 17) (Monday is Postal Holiday in the USA) by a registered mail. In case you sent your contribution to Swapan Saha and you have not received offline acknowledgement or do not see you name in the list, please contact Swapan at swapan_saha AT The next check will be mailed based on responses.


    Initial Appeal

    Date: Feb 4, 2004

    Hello Everybody

    Hope all of u had received mails about Biplab. Here I am sending the latest update. Could I request our coordinators to forward this mail to rest others irrespective of BEings/Non BEings. Till now we have got a very good response from India & UK but we have a huge task ahead of us. We need to carry on to achieve our target. Here it goes.

    An Appeal:

    A human life, the most beautiful thing you can ever imagine. But I guess we don't realise the importance unless we really start seeing how the world would be without that and without someone you know. Here we have a case where a young and bright person fighting hard to deny the death and stay here amongst us, can't we help him?

    Biplab & His Academic Career:

    This is about Biplab Roy, born in 1975. He did his schooling in Katwa, a place in Burdwan district, W.B. India. After completing his higher secondary (+2), he joined Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur in 1994 to get his degree in Electronics and Tele Communications. He got selected by TISCO from campus interview but unfortunately got rejected due to medical problems. He completed his degree in 1998 with a high score and joined again in 1999 for the masters in the same department. After completion of masters in 2001 he joined in Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering College as a lecturer.

    Past Histories:

    It wasn't a smooth sailing for him though all through. At the age of 12 he had to go for an open-heart surgery at Vellore CMC due to leakage in heart. There was no problem during his graduation but fate had different thoughts in mind for him. It started with the rejection from TISCO due to high blood pressure. After he joined masters he had couple of medical problems. One is facial paralysis and second one is problem with eyesight.

    Case History About His Kidney:
    In 2000 it was CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) and he had to go for dialysis in SSKM hospital for 45 days. Both the kidneys got damaged at that time. He was admitted in Apollo hospital, Chennai. BEC Alumni and others helped a lot in all possible way at that time. His mother donated a kidney for him. He was under supervision of Dr. K.C. Prakash (Nephrologist). Operation was done under Dr. Joseph Thechil (Urologist) on 8th November 2000. Transplantation was successful, but after few months the new kidney got infection due to CMV (CYTO MEGALO VIRUS). This came from liver. The new kidney was supposed to get rejected within 6 months of the transplantation. They had to go to Apollo again and a huge amount of money was spent again for the treatment. All of these happened during his masters but he kept his moral high and managed to get through.

    Latest Problems with the Kidney
    : Recently the problem in kidney has revived. He discussed with DR. A.R.NANDI in BELLEVUE nursing home and DR. ARUP RATAN DUTTA of WOCKHARDT nursing home. Presently he is under diagnosis of Dr. Rajendra Pandey of SSKM hospital, Assistant professor of nephrology department. He is surviving for the time being on a life saving drug called SYLOLYMUS. At present his haemoglobin count is 6 mg/cc (normal is 13), total count is 2400 (normal 4000-11000) and Creatinine increases to 6 - 6.5 (Normal is 0.5 - 1.5).

    Latest Condition of Biplab:

    His only kidney is damaged by 85%. So the main option left is transplantation for one more time. His family is going to put advertisement in some newspaper for the kidney. That can only be done after the doctor's permission.

    Requirement is Blood group B+ and HLA typing.

    Last time Biplab's mother donated the kidney for him and this time they are not going to have any blood related donor as his father is also having some trouble. If anyone have any contacts about kidney please contact Biplab's family or me. He has already been admitted in PG ( SSKM) and any time he can be put for dialysis until we achieve our target (7 Lakhs) to move him into some big hospitals for transplantation such as SAI hospital in Bangalore or VELLORE CMC.

    Yesterday few of us went to SSKM hospital and found Biplab in a pathetic condition. He can't stand at a stretch for 3-4 minutes. He has been advised to take only 1.5 liter water per day. If anyone wants to see him please go to the cabin no 3B of woodburn block of the PG hospital in Kolkata. He may be shifted to Belview for dialysis, if so I will let others know, who are willing to visit him.

    Our Request:

    Now I guess it is pointless to explain what is the task we have in hand. Clock is ticking and time is not in our favour. If you feel this is a great cause where your contribution can draw a line between life and death, please donate generously. Each and every donation you make will count. We won't be able to fight for him, but can't we stand beside him hand in hand to pull him out of this when he needs us most. We can always say "Do not go gentle into that good night". Lets say one more time, this is our chance to fight and we won't let it go just like that.

    Details to send contribution/ transfer money:
    Cheques/DD in the name of Tapas Kumar Roy (Biplab's father)
    State Bank of India, Katwa Branch (Branch sort code - 0111)
    A/c number: (For electronic transfer)
    Postal address: Mr. Tapas Kumar Roy
    Katwa Abasan (Stadium)
    P.O- Katwa
    Dist- Burdwan
    PIN- 713130

    I have requested Biplab's father to open an account here in Kolkata so that people don't face any problem while doing electronic transfer. Hopefully they will finish that by this week. I will let you know about the details once I am being informed.

    Partha Chakrabarty, 1998 ETC
    Tata Consultancy Services
    Plot B-1Sector 5,
    Salt Lake Electronics Complex,
    Kolkata,West Bengal
    Mailto: partha.c[AT], partha.chakrabarty[AT]
    # (0) 9830392486(m), +913323339550 (off)

    Hello BEings,

    I am giving all the updates here about Biplab's case, his physical situations, and our fund raising process. Please contact me ( kumar.salui[AT] or Partha ( Partha.Chakrabarty[AT] for further informations if required.

    Its unfortunate to us that his condition has been detoriated. He is supposed to visit the PG hospital today to take the decision. Partha (98 ETC) have asked his family to let me know abt the doctor who is supervising him, the bed number, what exactly is needed for the operation and when. He is waiting for the reply from his family. he has assured them abt the money and is going to handover all cheques in the coming sunday. Arup is trying to get the estimated expenditure from SAI hospital,B'lore. These sort of things will be decided within 10 days.

    Till now we have nearly 1.25 lakhs from India ( Partha has 1 lakh so far, 25,000 from b'lore ) and 700 pounds in Leeds from Non-BEings ( the account where Partha used to work ).

    We are bit lagging in USA area but I have finished the back ground work. I mean list of close peoples and their contact numbers. Responsibility has been shared and Rama & lopchhu da on behalf of us will gather the whole amount and send to us by feb middle. Rama is flying to USA today.

    We didn't get good responses from UK so far, Sayantan got £275 from BT a/c. We are not very sure how much it will be after our personal contributions.

    From Middle East, so far we have the news from Rajdeep Dutta that he has sent Rs 10000 cheque personally to Biplab's home by registerred mail, which is not yet received.

    We are far behind the requirement from the collection point of view.

    Please help.

    Anybody who is interested to send money personally or from a group collections, please let me know. As you can not send a bank transfer to Katwa bank, one of our alumni (Sanjoy Biswas, '97 ETC) is collecting the fund in his bank a/c in ICICI, Calcutta brunch.
    Account holder's name : Sanjoy Biswas
    acc no.: "Ask Sanjoy" ICICI Bank Salt Lake Branch

    Could I request to put "For Biplab" in the reference as this is a salary account.
    Sanjoy's id sanjoy.biswas[AT]


    Bappa (99 ME)

    Email: kumar.salui[AT]

    For USA and Canada donors, please contact Swapan Saha, 1988 EE (swapan_saha AT on how you can contribute. Swapan will collect all checks and mail to Biplab directly. First draft is scheduled to be mailed on Feb 7, 2004.

    Disclaimer: Money raised for all these cases is handled on individual basis. Neither chapter of BECAA nor any alumni web site including this site takes any responsibility for accurateness of information provided here. Messages are posted "as received" basis. Please contact the persons mentioned here directly for additional information.







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