Members Helped

Alumni raised funds for members in distress in last 6+ years. Here is a partial list.

1) Aritra Banerjee, 4th year Arch, 2005;
2) Alumni Raised Funds globally for Jayjeet (Late son of Subir Das, 78EE, Kolkata)

Biswajit Gupta, 1980 ETC coordinated alumni across the world to raise funds for the treatment of Jayjeet. Unfortunately, we failed to save the life of Jayjeet but he could bring a lot of alumni together for a noble cause and the yahoo e-group becare was born.
The remittance came from Canada chapter, organised by Jyoti Sengupta. Swapan Saha, 88 EE worked with Shibu Sircar 62 EE (NJ) and sent money from USA. Sujan Bhattacharya, 81 CE raised funds is in Atlanta organizing a concert. Tapas Das, 80 MET organised support in Australia.

Bimalda took care in the Andra Pradesh. for Subir Das. Animesh co-ordinated with the Salt Lake chapter for raising funds for Jayjeet's treatment.

Subir Das also receivied individual grants from Middle East Asia and India.
3) Received from Asamanja Mallik, 1998 EE (last updated on 2000)
Dear Fellow Alumni:

One of our college (Bengal Engineering College (D.U.),
Howrah) student Mr. Biplab Roy who is at present a student of
the ETC department of our college (undergoing his Masters
Degree and who also happens to be a BE Graduate from this
college of the 1998 pass out batch) has been seriously ill
for the last one month.

He has been diagnosed with complete renal failure and he
needs immediate kidney transplant.

He is at present admitted in the S.S.K.M. Hospital emergency
ward (since 4th August, 2000) and is undergoing two to three
dialysis per week. He has been advised with immediate kidney
transplant and is advised to undergo the operation at
Christian Medical College, Vellore as early as possible.

The expected cost for the whole procedure including pre-operative and post-operative treatment is around Rs.6(Six) Lakh.

Biplab is from a very middle class family. He had also undergone
an open heart surgery during his childhood. His family is not in a
position to to meet up with the huge expenditure for his

We need your help and cooperation in order to save his life.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Alumni in the USA, please send your donation, Payable to
Asamanja Mallik and mail check to

3268 Red Cedar Terrace
Fremont, CA 94536

Asamanja will collect all checks and send one draft to
Mr. Tapas Kumar Roy. Asamanja will also send an update
of donors and status of Biplab which will be posted
to alumni website at Asamanja
can be reached at and his phone
numbers are (510)745 8168 (Res) and (408)-473-4355 (work).

Alumni outside of USA, please send your donation to

In favour of            :  Mr. Tapas Kumar Roy
                           (Biplab's father)
Savings Bank A/C no.    :  P- 6045

Bank                    :  State Bank of India,Katwa
Address                 :
                           Shri Tapas Kumar Roy
                           HIG-50, Katwa Abasan
                           P.O. Katwa
                           Distt. Burdwan
                           PIN - 713130 ( W. Bengal), India
Phone No.               :  (03453) 58 891

URL                     :
E-mail                  :

Standard Disclaimer: Neither Alumni Association nor web committee take any financial responsibility of money collected for this purpose.


Related News:

4) Thanks for your donation to save Sumanta Dutta's Life

 Status of Sumanta Dutta's Health by Dr. S. Karmakar of B.E. College (D.U.)

Dear Subrata,

This is to inform  you that Sumanta Dutta who had been suffering from renal failure since last year has appeared his final semester
examination. Also he has been awarded B.E. degree in Civil Engg. One of his kidney has been transplanted successfully at Vellore Hospital during first week of August 2000. The donor of the kidney is his mother. Both Sumanta and his mother have responded well so far. The 'Students' Aid Fund' has been raised upto an amount of Rs. 3.25 lakh and the same amount has been sent to the appropriate authority of the hospital through bank draft to meet the expenses of his treatment. On behalf of students & teachers of, I like to thank all the Alumni/Non-Alumni who have helped to save the life of Sumanta. Also I request you to convey the same through your website.
Also I have advise the students to build-up the "Students' Aid Fund" by their own contribution throguh semester-wise deposition of certain amount towards that account, as such type of heath crisis may recur in future. The Vice Chancellor has appreciated this advice for students.
I have not received your any mail for a long period.

with best wishes,

9-30 p.m.

Update: Approximately Rs.2.0 lakhs are deposited in the Students' Aid Fund so far (April 4, 2000).
Transplantation of kidney of Sumanta may be carried out in the month of May ,2000 after completion of his final examination of the concluding semester.

- Dr.S.K.Karmakar

1. Name of the student: Sumanta Dutta, 4th year, Civil Engineering.

2. Details of the physical problem: Acute renal failure, needs immediate kidney transplantation. He has been undergoing dialysis two to three times a week.

3. Doctor's name and address: 

(i) Dr. Chakko K.Jacob, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore-632 004, India,

(ii) Dr. Arup Ratan Dutta,Wockhardt,Centre for Urology, Nephrology and Laparoscopic Surgery,111A R.B.Avenue,Calcutta-700 029, Ph-91-033-4633320,Fax-91-033-4634802

4. Estimated cost: Hospital Expenses- about Rs. 3.0 lakhs and pre & post operation expenses are around Rs. 3.5 lakhs which is equivalent to $13000 approximately.

5. Address to send the donation: A/C Payee Cheque Payable to "STUDENTS'AID FUND", Account No. E-445 of U.B.I. B.E.College extension branch, Howrah-711 103,West Bengal, India.

Mail to:

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Bengal Engineering College (D.U.)
Sibpore, Howrah 711103, INDIA

6. Address to enquire/verify the latest status: Addresses of the doctors
   as mentioned above.

Note from Dr. S.K. Karmakar: Hope you have now all the information to send the message to the website immediately so that donations may reach at the earliest to save the student's life. This is to note that an account is opened in the name of
students' aid fund for this purpose only.
Students of B.E.College(D.U.) are anxiously waiting for the donations to
save the life of their beloved friend.

With best wishes,


5) Thanks for your donation to save Dipak Mandal's Life


Update about Dipak (Received from Amit Jana on January 18, 2000)

List of BEC Alumni Donors

Anindya Haldar, 1990 CST, $50.00

Debanjan Paul, 1992 CST, $50.00

Swapan Saha, 1988 EE, $50.00

Shatabdi Mitra, 1992 EE, $100.00

Swarup Kr Ray, 1992 CST, $50.00

Tapabrata Biswas, 1991 CST $250.00

Sumit Pal, 1992 CST, $100.00

Prasenjit & Rita Adak, 1992 CST, $50.00

Amit Jana, 1992 EE, $100.00

Udayan Bhattacharyya, 1992 EE, $100.00

Total $900

List of Non-Alumni Donors

Smita Urnikrishnan,, $50.00

Abhijit Dutta, $100.00

Arunava Ganguly,,$100.00

Chanchal Hazra,,$100.00

Santanu Biswas,,$100.00

Subhartha Roy Chowdhury,,$500.00

Suvobrato Biswas, $100.00

Sudip Nath, $250.00

S. C. Mahesh,, $50.00

Swapan Nandi, $100.00

Sujit Ghosh, $10.00

Diptwarka Majumdar, $10.00

Sarit Chakrovarty,, $50.00

Sumit Mukherjee, $25.00

Shibasis Mitra,, $100.00

Santanu Bhattacharyya,, $500.00

Total $2,145

We are planning to send the money sometimes in end Jan or as soon as the donor for kidney is finalized. Santanu told me people in India are also trying to raise money from other resources. For the time being Dipak has to undergo regular dialysis. I will let you know if I get any other update from any other sources.

Thank you,

Amit Jana

Received from Rajesh Banerjee 43, Sarat Bose Road, Calcutta-700 020, Res. 033-4634815,

Our friend Mr.Dipak Ranjan Mandal is an ex-Student of Bengal Engineering College. His particulars are:

Name: Dipak Ranjan Mandal

Branch: Electrical Engineering

Year of graduation: 1992

He was a brilliant and charming student when he was in the college during 1988-1992. Presently he is working in M/s HOOGHLY DOCK & PORT ENGINEERS LTD.

For the past 3 years, he is suffering from "Renal failure" which presently has reached the state of "Chronic renal Failure", as diagnosed by Dr. V. V. Lakhaminarayanam, at Woodland Nursing Home, Calcutta. Doctor advised immediate "Kidney Transplantation & Regular Dialysis till transplantation".

He is the only son of a family, residing at North Dinazpur Dist. & the financial condition of the family is poor. The expenditure of the Kidney Transplantation & associated treatment is approximately 4 lacs.

We, the friends & colleagues of HDPEL, are trying our best to extend financial help as much as possible by personal contribution. But to meet up the huge expenditure, external financial help becomes inevitable.

Under these circumstances, we are requesting your goodself to extend your helping hand for the treatment of an ex-student of your college, by raising as much fund as possible from the present as well as past students.

How can you help?

1) You can send A/c Payee checks in the name of "Dipak Ranjan Mandal" to the following address:

Rajesh Banerjee
43 Sarat Bose Road,
Calcutta-700 020
Res. 033-4634815

2) You directly can send money to his SBI account. His account information is:

Dipak Ranjan Mandal
A/C No. 01190007951
SBI. Salkia,Howrah,WB,India
Branch No. 1414

3) For USA and Canada, Amit Jana (1992 EE) will collect all the money and will send an equivalent Rupee check to Dipak. Please make the check payable to Amit Jana and mail your check to

Amit Jana
2147 Newhall Street, Apt # 422
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Work: 408 527 7048

To know more about Dipak, please contact any of the following persons.

Rajesh Banerjee
43 Sarat Bose Road,
Calcutta-700 020
Res. 033-4634815
Arup Bhattacharya
Control & Automation Section
Larsen & Toubro Limited
3B, Shakespeare Sarani, Calcutta-700 071
Res. 033-6834497
Email: AB-C&
Dhritiman Biswas
B25 Purbachal Road (North)
Green Park, Haltu
Calcutta-700 078
Res. 033-4154532
Amit Jana
2147 Newhall Street, Apt # 422
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Work: 408 527 7048

Disclaimer: Bengal Engineering College Alumni Association, Bengal Engineering College Alumni Scholarship committee, and B.E. College Alumni Web committee do not take any responsibilities in collecting and sending donation to Dipak Mandal.  Amit Jana and Rajesh Banerjee agreed to volunteer. They will provide regular update about Dipak and will send a list of donors for wide circulation. Web committee will publish information provided by Amit and Rajesh.






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