Pronab Pal (68CE) Seeks Help

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Pronab Pal (68CE) needs help for son Projesh
Update on October 24, 2004 by Pronab Pal

Dear Achintya
I like to inform you that today (24.09.04) I have received Rs.9500/- ( Rupees Nine Thousand Five Hundred) from BECCA JAPAN through Debabrata Pal (EE 2000) for treatment of my thalassaemic son Projesh.

With Love



List from Japan

The amount details for BECAA Japan Medical Emergency Collection and money transfers are as below: Total Money Collected : Yen 74500 (till 22 Oct 2004) Amount Transfered : Yen 73815 = Rs. 28500 (AT Yen 2.59 = Rs 1 at of 08 September 2004). Amount Remaining in A/C : Yen 686. BECAA Japan has donated Rs. 28500/3 = Rs. 9500 to each case.

  • Indra Basu BEC EE 2000 - TCSer Yen 2000
  • Jyotipriya Majumdar Non-BEC TCSer Yen 2000
  • Koushik Dey Non-BEC TCSer Yen 2000
  • Rajesh Oza Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1500
  • Ravi Gupta Non-BEC TCSer Yen 10000
  • Sandip Datta Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1000
  • Shiba Prasad Das Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1000
  • Subir Bhuniya Non-BEC TCSer Yen 3000
  • Surya Ray Non-BEC TCSer Yen 2000
  • Ujjal Ray Non-BEC TCSer Yen 1000
  • Sanjib Basu BEC CE 1988 - TCSer Yen 10000
  • Poolak Bandyopadhyay BEC ETC 1981 Yen 10000
  • Raju Datta BEC CST 1991 - TCSer Yen 5000
  • Debabrata Pal, BEC EE 2000, Bholanath Pal, BEC ETC 1976,Shyamal Kar,BEC and Sourav Kundu,BEC Arch 1990 - Together Yen 24000

  • Update on April 23, 2004 by Achintya Das

    There is one more donation of Rs. 20,000 for Projesh from 1968 batch, I guess, those who are in Kolkata.I keep reminding those who initially committed but yet to send their contribution. Hope, some more response will be there.

    Best wishes,

    Achintya Das

    Achintya Das, sent the following list on March 7, 2004

    So far we were able to raise only Rs. 73698 for projesh and that is received by Pronab(68 CE & Father of Projesh). Attached is the list for your information. Pronab has acknowledged each and every donation by email to respective donar.
  • J L Gangopadhaya, R K Mitra, R K Ray, B P Dasgupta, S K Badopadhaya; Pinaki Mukhopadhya (SCI Team): 67 ME, 6001
  • Anjana Ganguly Roy & Sukanta, 77 ETC, 4,000
  • Mantu De, Huntsville, USA , 68EE, 10000
  • Achintya Das, 68 EE, 5000
  • Prabir C. Basu, 72 CE, 1000
  • N. Prabhakar, 74 EE, 1000
  • Ram Chandra Das, 71 CE, 1500
  • Arijit Ghosh Dastidar, 99 EE,1001
  • Aniruddha Sen, 97 CE, 1500
  • S K Choudhary,63 ME, 1500
  • Kiran Adhya, California, USA, 66 CE, 26996
  • Anibandha Mukhopadhay,91 MinE, 1000
  • Ranjan Kumar Das, 93 EE,1000
  • Atanu Sarkar,03,ETC 200
  • Sandeep Chatterjee,98 ME, 2000
  • Rajdeep Dutta, Muscat, Oman, 88EE, 10000

  • Total Rs. 73698

    Probal Pal Received Rs 10,000.00 from Rajdeep Dutta, 88EE, Oman

    From: Pronab Pal
    To: Rajdeep Dutta
    Subject: Projesh_Acknowledgement

    Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 21:06:51 +0530

    Dear Rajdeep

    Today I have recived your letter dt.24.02.04 along with a Cheque No. 807627 dt. 24.02.04 amounting Rs. 10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) drawn on HDFC Bank Ltd, BA-3, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700064.

    I convey my heartiest thanks to you & all of you for thinking about welfare of my son, Projesh.

    I am very happy to Know that you have also extended your kind hands also for Biplab & Sujit.

    I also inform you after encashment.

    Pronab da, 3.03.04

    Update on Feb 21, 2004: Kiran Adhya, 66 CE sent $600.00 to Pronab Pal for Projesh about two months ago directly by issuing personal check. He has personal contact with Pronab.

    Funds Raising Update in the USA
    For all USA donors, please make your check payable to Kiran Adhya and mail to him. Please contact either Kiran Adhya at adhya1 AT at San Francisco Bay area or Sujan Bhattacharya, 81 CE, Atlanta, sujan_bhat AT in case you any question about Projesh.

    Received from "achintya das" , 1968 EE

    I like to forward this mail for some financial aid for Pronab Pal (68CE) for the treatment of his son Projesh who is suffering from Thalassemia for last 16 years. We at "Becaa, Maharashtra" raising some fund from all individual on this occasion.

    If any alumni at USA or Abroad is willing to help him out can do so. His email ID, bank details and postal address are as below:

    A/c Name : Pronab Kumar Pal
    S/B A/c No. : 10036
    Bank Name: Central Bank of India
    Branch : Howrah
    Bank Code : 700016021
    Pronab Kumar Pal Phone: 91 (33) 2660 9092
    18 Amrita Lal Pyne Lane
    West Bengal

    Achintya Das

    68 EE

    More on Projesh .






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