Last updated on 10th November 2005, by Siddhartha Banerjee


Recently U.A.E. alumni (BECAA-UAE) helped Ramjibonda. On behalf of BECAA-UAE Somnath Sinha Roy of 87 Architecture Batch has sent a draft of Rs 16386.00 to PICSA of BESUS.



(Status as on 2nd august 2005)

We had a very good match on last Saturday. We have won the match by 4 - 2. we have invited most of the BEings those who were in Kolkata. But many could not appear due to their other engagements.

The purpose of the match was partially fulfilled. We were able to accumulate a sum of 20,000/. I have the list of those who have contributed and as Ramjiban da needs more money so we are keeping a track to collect rest of the money from those who wants to contribute.




Appeal from Arghya Modal and Puspa Sourav Biswas (updated on 18th July 2005)



Dear Beings,


         Our beloved Ramjiban da (the head Mali of our fantastic oval ground) needs our wholehearted support. The man who had always supported each and every player of our marvelous oval ground is now support less. He lost his home in a deadly fire last month and incurred a loss of about 3-4 lakhs of  rupees. His entire savings is gone .To add to that he is supposed to retire at the end of this year. His entire family is now down onto the streets, staying literally with mother earth on the fields.


         Many of us must know this wonderful man, whose commitment towards the oval ground and the Athletic Club of our college is unquestionable. Its a call to all the beings  to help this needy man out, who was and is always beside the students and did fought against the authorities on behalf of the students on many a occasion.


         We will keep you posted on this issue as the events turn up. We are also organizing a charity match against the college students at the Oval ground on 30th July, 2005 (Saturday). Lets all try to make it to the grounds on that day and help our own Ramjiban da out.


For any queries please feel free to contact anyone of us:

Arghya Mandal         09339862239 or email at

Puspa Sourav Biswas - 09830682389 or email at


Please extend your helping hand towards Ramjiban Da

Account Detail E/360406 (UBI BEC Extension)

Name- Ramjiban Chauhan

(You can send it directly via Online Transfer or you can send your cheques/Drafts to the address of the PICSA)



Bengal Engineering & Science University

Po-Botanical Garden

Dist- Howrah




Please send an email to anyone of us after sending your help, so that we can keep a track, how much we are able accumulate.



Arghya Mandal (2003 EE pass out. General Secretary of the Athletic Club and Captain of

                       the Cricket team 2002-03.)

Puspa Sourav Biswas. (EE pass out. Member of the cricket team, 2002-03   )