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BECDU/BESUS to an IIT/INI Initiative - Chronology - Saturday, September 03, 2005 at 15:01

. A  Mission: IIT, Shibpur - Volume 1 


Alumni web site published regular updates on the BECDU/BESUS to an IIT/INI 

He   initiative. Here is a chronology of public news published to this site till today. 


Comments by Readers
Comments by Ajoy Ghosh from India on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 22:38 - IP Logged
Dear Swapan,
Refering to your e-mail dated 09 September, I am sorry for not reacting so far as I could only read it after coming back home recently.
The list of contribution you have provided in your mail looks impressive but I doubt if the same is pertinent in this context !
I have a feeling that, as usual, the jaggernaut will roll at its own pace without a care for the teacup-typhoon being raised around.
Personally, I would love to see a list of contributions we have made towards helping out BESUS's march towards IIT status.
Ajoy Ghosh
1980 Mech. Engg.
Comments by IT-2008 from India on Sunday, September 18, 2005 at 23:17 - IP Logged
The authorities are concentrating on INI status whereas the only thing we should focus now is an IIT status and nothing else. This will not only enhance our financial assistance but also make us all proud as students of IIT Shibpur.
Alumni should advise the authority to press for IIT status because INI status is inevitable.
Comments by Prabal Choudhury 71 Electrical from Canada on Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 06:47 - IP Logged
Sorry for the typing error. Please read the last line as " for a greater cause in the future."
Comments by Prabal Choudhury 71 Electrical from Canada on Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 06:42 - IP Logged
Thank you Sumantada for sending emails to CM/HEM. I know this will not make WBG agree to the proposal of elevation of BESU to IIT but atleast they will understand our mood. I do,nt know how many of us are really taking their time out and do this for the sake of our alma mater.
We BEC alumni are probably much more liberal and open to others and that is why you are thinking for JU. If alumni or students or faculty from JU support BESU's cause in any way, we will definitely reciprocate. But it can not be done only from our side when probalby efforts are being made to damage our case. We have to be very focused if not selfish in our approach to win over the race for IIT. Let us all think about IIT Shibpore, IIT Shibpore and IIT Shibpore only for the time being for a much more greature cause in the future.
Comments by Sumanta Chaudhuri from India on Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 05:03 - IP Logged
As suggested by Probal I am sending a mail to the Honorouble CM & Higher Education Minister and would request others to also send similar e-mails.But sending e-mails only will not resolve the matter . Without picking up a political fight , we have to first persuade the WB Government and then ensure the State government through its various channels pressurises the Central Government & the HRD Ministry for finally selecting the one & half century old glorious Institute & in whose very hearts the first IIT was born , to be itself ultimately be declared not only as an Institute of National Importance ,but as a full fledged IIT . All other things will automatically fall in place & I am sure Shibpore will thereafter steadily take its due place as the foremost IIT in the country & accepted globally .I would love to see Jadavpur also as the third IIT in WB , bearing in mind its status & quality of students churned out . If having a third IIT in WB is not possible & also bearing in mind Jadavpur also offers Arts courses & being basically non-residential , JU can be converted to an Institute of National Importance .
We have to stress diplomatically about the rich background of both Shibpore & Jadavpur vis-a-vis the other 4 Enginering Colleges proposed to HRD Ministry , except BHU-IT .None of these 4 engineering colleges have the background of so many glorious years like Shibpore & JU . History is definitely important for not only human evolution , but also any institutes' evolution .India being one country , location proximity of three deserving enginering colleges , should not become the criteria for eleminating one of them . From these three deseving IITs the entire India should be benefitted .There cannot be qota system for IITs . Having three deserving IITs around Kolkata becomes more relevent with the Centres LOOK EAST declared policy .With 3 IITs & another Indian Institute of Science proposed to be located around Kolkata , the entire scenario will definitely take a drastic change for kolkata . With the change in Kolkata scenario only the Look East declared policy of the PM will become a reality .
Comments by Prabal Choudhury 71 Electrical from Canada on Friday, September 16, 2005 at 13:35 - IP Logged
I agree totally with Swapan and support his initiative whole heartedly. But we being too far awawy from the spot, can not really take active part in mobilising a movement to prevail upon WBG for giving the green signal for the proposal to upgrade BESU to IIT Shibpore.If we loose this golden opportunity, we will have to forget it once for all.
Can we expect our students to come together atleast for this cause ? If the ultraleft in Nepal can call a truce for understanding with other democratic parties, our students can atleast forget their ideological differences till our college is converted into IIT Shibpore.
Our alumni living abroad may atleast send emails to CM and Higher Education Minister as suggested earlier. This will also create an impact on WBG. Time is running out and let us act now for the cause of our alma mater. The relevant email ids are :
Comments by Swapan88 from United States on Friday, September 16, 2005 at 12:53 - IP Logged
Prabalda and fellow well wishes:
I do not know the status of Alumni Association at Kolkata and its position on the IIT status (we should focus on IIT now, not INI any more). What we know that GAA has been registered recently to connect all existing local chapters and to present all alumni irrespective of location and batch with a representative and transparent process and join BESUS eco-system as an active partner in the development of BESUS with financial, professional supports and strategic recommendations.
Since then BECDU Teachers Association initiated then bold idea to convert BECDU to an IIT/INI with support for a few distinguished alumni who care for our Alma Mater (names are skipped as it is hot button for our alumni community) in the middle of 2003, several alumni joined this initiative actively writing to Central and State Governments as an individual or an group and it created tremendous interest and an urge in our alumni community to know about our Alma Mater after long breaks (several decades to many alumni) and join this band wagon to do something meaningful to our Alma Mater. They posted positive comments, replied to the email newsletters, contributed to this cause with his/her limitation. However, many of our alumni were not well informed or informed but wanted to sit on the fence to see the development from the sideline. A minority section of active alumni and active faculty continued the initiative and it received a boost when Prof. Joshi published a list of 7 Institutions as potential candidates for future IITs which surprised many alumni and decision makers.
At this stage, I believe, it is extremely important to form functional GAA with all alumni around the world who believe openly in IIT initiative and lead this initiative to convince all decision makers so that dream of all well wishers of BESUS and state of WB comes true. It needs to adopt transparent policy and strong political lobbying and connecting all alumni at this critical stage of BEC which I think may not come in near future if we miss this opportunity to upgrade BESUS. We also need to change the mind set of alumni (with GAA) that alumni has a responsibility to contribute the development of our Alma Mater, a way to pay back part of social debt we inherited in getting free education. Talk is cheap and hence we need action from GAA to show that we care about our Alma Mater and alumni activities are not only to arrange Alumni Reunions with pure fun events but also we need to show how we can be a contributing partner to the development of our Alma Mater. The general concept is if BESUS is converted to an IIT/INI, it will get a lot of funds and we do not need to give anything which I believe is not true. We need to show we care more about our Alma Mater (“a nurturing mother”) than to share old memory of 5/10/50 year of old hostel days. We are fortunate that less than 1% of our alumni made enough contribution in terms of implementing LAN project, VLSI Lab, Mini-Auditorium, 100s of scholarships, School of Information Technology, Mobile Computing, many other successful projects but we need to bring back 99+% of alumni in this reconnection process. Forming an effective GAA and running it transparently and actively with global alumni and leading the IIT initiative will certainly bring more alumni to this rebuild process. If we delay, we will loose a great momentum and then we will go back to old days when alumni activities used to mean “Business Meet” at Reunions with empty promise and no follow-up till the next Business Meet!
Swapan Saha, 88EE
Swapan_saha AT
P.S. My personal comments and not endorsed by any alumni group/chapter.
Comments by Prabal Choudhury 71 Electrical from Canada on Friday, September 16, 2005 at 06:19 - IP Logged
It is still not clear what action is being taken by our alumni association to convince WBG to relinquish control over BESU and to swith over to admission process through AIEE which are essential prerequisites for upgradation to IIT. We can not remain a college for Bengalees and have IIT status. This is a ridiculous proposal.
Comments by alumnus from India on Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 03:28 - IP Logged
Despite the governement of WB agreeing to approve IIT status to us and JU as in the TOI article it does not mean they are actively lobbying for the status at the centre as other potential IITs are. Possibly some sort of organized protest outside Writer's or the department of Higher Education should be organised in this order. Looking at the recent protests from JU regarding the expulsion of 5 students it was very successful in convinging the goverenment it was wrong in lathi charging students at JU. They even got support from BESU students and students from other colleges.However
this might not be possible with the current situation on campus and the issue with SFI and IC needs to be resolved before such a thing can be organised.
Comments by Santanu Chatterjee (1965 EE) from India on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 22:22 - IP Logged

14th September, 2005

Dear seniors and fellow alumni,
I fully share your anguish / righteous indignation, but I kept silent because I would not have been able to add any value. That does not mean that I have remained idle. To the extent possible, some of us here have been trying to defuse the situation, trying to ensure that the events receive the minimum of adverse publicity possible and to help in bringing back normality which, hopefully, would be restored on Thursday next.
Fights between groups of students have almost become an annual affair and this is really very sad. Some days after the visit of the President of India, there was a fight among some students and two of them got injured. I understand that parents / guardians of the injured filed criminal cases against those who allegedly manhandled them.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to interact very closely with all the teachers, all the non-teaching staff and all the students. But, I shall share my experiences with you very candidly :-
1. We have very good teachers. I worked closely with many of them on several projects. I can only express my admiration for their knowledge, dedication and affection for the students.
2. I was also overwhelmed by the co-operation and collaboration received from the non-teaching staff and their love for the University.
3. Most of the students I met are bright and they want to excel in life. Individually they are disciplined. But, sometimes when they are in a group, mob psychology may take over.
4. Most of the teachers residing in the campus try to pacify students whenever there is any fracas among groups of students. But, even with their best efforts, they are not always successful. On some occasions, by the time the news reaches them and they rush to the spot, unfortunate incidents may already have taken place.
We, the alumni in Calcutta may be criticized that we are not doing much and that we are not sharing all the information that we have with all of you. All that I can say is that the alumni cannot directly interfere with the functioning of the University, but they do help whenever the University requires such help. When problems occur, we try to talk to the persons and persuade them to see reason. Our role is therefore rather limited.

The task that we have taken upon ourselves is not easy. But, we cannot afford to give up.
Please let us know if you have suggestions for us on any matter which concerns our common objective.
Thanks and regards,

Comments by An Alumni Web Team Member from United States on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 15:47 - IP Logged
The recent unfortunate incident at BESUS campus on September 8-9 has not been posted to the alumni web site for two reasons: a) alumni web team intends not to interfere with the internal affairs of BESUS involving students, faculty and BESUS; b) it will not definitely provide good PR for our Alma Mater.
The above decision was taken based on the internal discussion within alumni web team members and senior alumni in charge of forming GAA, registered in Kolkata. However, many alumni and present students posted messages to the discussion board expressing their personal views which alumni web team always encourage as long as they do not attack anyone personally or they promote in any political or personal agenda. Alumni web team was top of the incident with regular contact with alumni in Kolkata and senior administration of BESUS. Based on the offline messages we received, we realized the incident was widely covered by news media and it reached to all alumni who had access to the online media.
About the TOI article, it was posted as a comment by an alumnus and was discussed in details. We also received another report from alumni in Kolkata based on newscast in a local TV network on the same day which contradicted part of the TOI article. We contacted both media (TOI and TV Station) for complete coverage of the press conference of VC and Higher Education Minister on the day.
In case news published to the alumni web site and distributed to all registered alumni via alumni do not cater the need of the global alumni, we request all of you to come forward and sacrifice your quality time in serving alumni, a thank less job, a few alumni are providing for years. Alumni web team maintains open door policy and invites all alumni to join this voluntary group to serve alumni and Alma Mater better. Please send your message to "gbecaa AT". Any personal attacks will be ignored but all positive and constructive suggestions will be appreciated and will be followed up. Please contact ad-hoc GAA officials at Kolkata if you have any comments. They are Mr. Amitabha Ghoshal, 57CE, President; Mr. Santanu Chatterjee, 65EE, Working President; Prof. Santanu Karmakar, 83ME, General Secretary.
Comments by Deepak Majumdar from India on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 12:47 - IP Logged
Thats odd. This article has been posted on the TOI website for sometime but has not been posted on the alumni website. this is positive news yet we are still kept in the dark. News articles about the recent on campus clashes are not posted either. We can't help solve the problems in our alma mater if we are not told about them in the first place
Comments by suman from India on Monday, September 12, 2005 at 10:11 - IP Logged
dear seniors,
we hope our present tumultous on-campus conditions dont stand on the way of our progress towards IIT.
let GOD infuse some sense in the minds of our students who fight amongst and tarnish our ALMA MATER'S image.
Comments by shantanu chakravarty,75 ME from India on Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 01:26 - IP Logged
the positive media attention that our alma mater was attracting recently was too good to last.the retrograde step of the students rather unwittingly through the avoidable incident on the night of 8th.inst.has only brought into sharp focus the notoriety of the sense of shame is intense being an alumnus and my son being a current 4th. yr. student.
however the failure to administer in a no nonsense manner has brought about the institution to such a pass.there's no unanimity amongst the teaching fraternity to take steps to depoliticise the students.on the contrary some are alleged to strategise overtly and covertly with a section of the students owing allegiance to the ruling dispensation in WB.the campus is divided into zone's of influence of particular groups.if WOLFENDEN is the home to hawks,SENGUPTA hosts the extremes of the other end of the spectrum.sahebpara boys get thrashed up near the vicinity of the OVAL by hit and run squads of WOLFENDEN while innocent juniors of H-14/H-15 bear the brunt due to the misadventure of their political seniors.names of such miscreants are wellknown but action is never taken that raises suspicion on the neutrality of the administators.IS THE VC LISTENING?
Comments by Anonymous alumnus from United States on Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 01:37 - IP Logged
Swapan and others:

After reading today's newspaper on the reported clashes within the student community and allegedly fueled by the political rivalry (, I am skeptical of the whole situation. As we were proposing in this forum for a peaceful and balanced movement by the student community to submit a signed deputation to the administration / Education Minister et al for the right cause, this clash will now divert the focus away from it as may be read between the lines of the statement from the Higher Education Minister in the defense of the Vice Chancellor on the motive behind such clashes, the news of which is surely going to spread like a wild fire.
Further, your coming out in the defense of the alumni involvement with the list of sponsored project in response to AjoyDa’s comments, clearly shows that the sponsoring alumni community in general are being perceived as the “cash cow” by the administration and others in charge of the University. The emotional and sincere contributions of the alumni are taken for granted and have little or no bearing in their involvement in contributing to the future directions in the evolution of our alma mater. This will also hurt further organized efforts by the alumni communities and associations in raising the funds for future causes, as you will be dealt with tough questions by the fellow alumni. In the words of the Great Poet –“ Eh kebol dibaraatre jol dhele phutapaatre britha chesta trishna mitabaare”.
As you mentioned, we are waiting to hear from some stalwarts of the local alumni community around Calcutta, Shantanu Chatterjee in particular. Now is the time to speak up and show support for this cause rather than showing up when it will be all said and done.
Comments by Well Wisher - Alumnus from Canada on Friday, September 09, 2005 at 13:06 - IP Logged
The only hurdle appears to be the mindset of WB higher education ministry. It should not be a very difficult task for the alumni of BEC (partcularly living in Calcutta or Bengal)having a glorious history of 150 years, to convince the ministry or power that be, when probably most of the highest level of engineering positions in the Power Centre(Red Building) at calcutta are occupied the BEC alumni.If we fail to do this,probably that will be the greatest failure of our alumni in their life time and in the history of BESU.
Comments by Swapan88 from United States on Friday, September 09, 2005 at 10:15 - IP Logged
I am not saying alumni will "shrug-off" the responsibility. But it is important to all well wishers of WB to come forward and convince decision makers what is good for the state. Alumni group is leading this activity for last 3 years. We need strong participation from alumni around Kolkata to lead this task along with all stake holders of BESUS - Administration, Faculty, Staffs, Students and alumni.
We are proud alumni of BESUS and certainly ahead of many other colleges in WB where alumni of BESUS made huge contribution and a few of them are:
1) Local Area Network (LAN) at then BECDU was done by alumni in the USA in mid 90s.
2) PDSIT - A new school of Information Technology was formed by a large donation of an alumnus.
3) VLSI Lab - A state-of-the-art Chip Design Lab with market value several crores was formed by a partnership with alumni and private sector in cooperation of BESUS.
4) Alumni started Seminar Series and funded it for next 5 years.
5) Alumni are awarding large number of new scholarships. Next few weeks, they will award more than 30 scholarships (each pays Rs 10,000) to UG students of BESUS. In last 5/6 years 100s of scholarships were awarded.
6) An alumni chapter in the USA is awarding Rs 100,000 to faculty to promote research at BESUS.
7) Alumni donated more than Rs 2,000,000 to upgrade a new room to a mini-Auditorium.
8) An alumnus from San Francisco donated large number of money to fund research in mobile computing and new building construction.
9) We are ready to initiate a large fund raising to fund a large project at BESUS (in several crores) to celebrate 150th anniversary of our Alma Mater.
I do not know any other alumni group in India other than IITs, donated so much funds and even eager to donate funds, other resources to make BESUS as a top Institution in India and our VC wants.
Hence we are not "shrugging-off" the responsibility. Alumni of BESUS want to be a partner in the development of BESUS without any personal gains, except feeling good experiences.
Swapan Saha, 88EE
Comments by Ajoy Ghosh from Thailand on Friday, September 09, 2005 at 01:02 - IP Logged
It is nice to learn your concurrence of my line of thinking.
You have given a very useful lead, AND THE PRESENT STUDENT COMMUNITY MAY TAKE NOTE OF THIS, that having three IITs in our state will further the effort of our well-meant Chief Minister to turn our state into an education and investment destination, in addition to the additional fund flow.
Perhaps, we alumni should not entirely shrugg-off our reponsibility and pass it on to the present students.
Instead, let us ask them to give leadership and major thrust to this effort while we (alumni), the teaching community and all other well wishers pledge to lend them active support.
I also feel it is important for us to sound, and secure help from, like-minded interest groups of Jadavpur (students, alumni, teachers). But I am not sure how this should be done.
Any suggestions ?
Ajoy ghosh
Comments by Swapan88 from United States on Thursday, September 08, 2005 at 22:20 - IP Logged
I agree if BESUS is converted to an IIT or an INI, the most beneficiary will be present students, future students, faculty, staffs directly and also people of West Bengal and Govt of West Bengal. Hence students, faculty should take the lead role to request WB Govt to agree with MHRD proposal immediately. Alumni living outside of Kolkata will only feel good! Maybe, alumni around Kolkata can get little more as they may attend all the celebrations. Govt of West Bengal has been building Kolkata as a hub of IT and Bio-tech research & development and projecting Kolkata as a gateway to South East Asia. Having 3 top National Engineering Institutes will certainly help and motivate potential investors to invest in and around Kolkata. Silicon Valley, CA and Route 128, MA are two of the premiere technological concentrations, not only in the United States, but in the world. The are the direct results of best technological Universities in the both places – Stanford and U of Cal, Berkeley in Silicon Valley and MIT and Harvard near Route 128. We need to request West Bengal Government to accept MHRD proposal to convert both JU and BESUS to IIT/INI so that Kolkata becomes Boston or Silicon Valley of India with three top Engineering Institutions around Kolkata – Kharagpur, Shibpur, and Jadavpur! It will be beneficial for West Bengal as it will receive around Rs 300/400 initial crores investment to improve JU and BESUS to IITs and to receive around Rs 85/100 crores per year for each University where BESUS just receives only Rs 16-20 crores from WB Govt. We hope all well wishers of West Bengal review based on future generation of WB, and not for any short term benefit for anyone. Even though alumni are pursuing this initiative, it was started by the faculty of BESUS and recently students joined to this initiative. We hope common sense prevails for the sake of WB and India. In case WB Govt does not agree with MHRD proposal and it will be a big historical mistake for the state of West Bengal.
Swapan Saha, 88EE, USA
Comments by Ajoy Ghosh from Thailand on Thursday, September 08, 2005 at 20:01 - IP Logged
I could not agree more with "Anonymus" from Canada that, yes, the students should spearhead the initiative of persuading the State Government. No body gives a damn to the "illustrious" Alumni community as long as it can be afforded. And, as far as this issue is concerned, the alumni community lacks the requisite leverage to press the issue. Good intention alone is not enough.
Everybody, however, needs to be cautious so that this noble pursuit for our Alma Mater does not degenerate, or hyjacked, into an anti-State Government or anti-rulling party tirade. Some rope-walking and balancing skill will be required.
The teaching community could have lent very useful help but, for understandable reasons, they are not expected to be very vociferous.
Are there many influential, yet conscientious, intellectuals left in Bengal whom we can approach to lend weight to our cause ?
Ajoy Ghosh
1980 Mech. Engg.
Comments by well wisher- alumnus from Canada on Wednesday, September 07, 2005 at 06:07 - IP Logged
The article shows that we have the support of media for upgradation of BESU to IIT.Students of BESU should take initiative and go for deputation to CM/Higher Education Minister with the demand for upgradation to IIT. This is a noble cause and demanding this is not boycotting exam. or other such agitation. Intelligensia of Bengal will definitely support this cause. In the recent past students of REC Durgapur had to go for agitation to get clearence from the Bengal's Higher Education Minister for its conversion to NIT.WBG will not act unless we make them act for a greater cause.
Comments by Anonymous alumnus from United States on Wednesday, September 07, 2005 at 02:16 - IP Logged
PrabalDa and other enthusiastic alumni,
I apologize if it sounds like I am playing the role of a DA (Devil's Advocate) and staying "Anonymous" anticipating mud-slinging for shooting straight as experienced on several ocassions during my undergraduate days in the college.
I firmly believe that there are vested interests within a section of the administration and faculty members of our beloved alma mater in opposing this initiative as this will challenge their survival and pose a serious threat to their otherwise peaceful coexistence like in a group of monkeys (you scratch mine, I scratch yours!). I was sceptical from the begining as to how this section will perceive such an initiative. These "All Bong" mindset of these idle sleepyheads will be challenged by the deserving counterparts from other states if the institution is recognized as IIT/INI in future. These loyalists to the local party offices and Alimuddin Street will vehemently oppose such a move as progress and development for a great cause of this age-old institution will come at the "cost" of their assumed "work culture" and questionable attitude and qualifications.
Yours etc.
Comments by Diganta Sarkar from India on Monday, September 05, 2005 at 22:27 - IP Logged
Looking at the chronology, it seems, WB is not willing to take a step forward once again. I think, BESU will become INI, where two more institutes will be chosen for IIT status.
Comments by Prabal Choudhury from Canada on Monday, September 05, 2005 at 14:16 - IP Logged
Sorry for my typing error.I meant our illustrious alumni. Prabal Choudhury Toronto
Comments by Prabal Choudhury 71 Electrical from Canada on Monday, September 05, 2005 at 09:33 - IP Logged
Dear Kaustav, it is nice to see that all our students,faculty and alumni are getting together to achieve the long cherished IIT status for our alma mater. Let us be very articulate in our approach in the begining and gradually increase our pressure if WBG do not act positively.Let us also express our feelings though various newspapers/ media writing in "letters to the editors column." May I request our illoustrisious alumni in India and Abroad to write to various newspapers in addition to CM /Higher Education Minister etc.
Comments by Webmaster for Prof Chakrabarti from United States on Monday, September 05, 2005 at 07:37 - IP Logged

I read the letter written by Mita Mukherjee, The Telegraph carefully. It is an excellent reminder to the bureaucrats (who perhaps are out of touch with rest of the world). Today's engineers must know how to adjust with the current world demand. BE&SU must not leave this opportunity to get connected with the central government of India. I have visited IIT-Kharagpur in 2003 and 2005 (I also have visited BECollege and Jhadavpur several times in last 15 years). I must say, IIT-Kharagpur looks much more resourceful. It looks like any highly reputed engineering school of the world. In a recent television show in the USA they were showing all the IITs extensively.
P. R. Chakrabarti, Professor and Chair
Civil & Environmental Eng. Depart.
CSUF, Fullerton, California. 9.2.2005.
Comments by Webmaster for PS Bag, 87ETC from India on Monday, September 05, 2005 at 07:30 - IP Logged
Dear All,

Everyone - who have had and are having the slightest of the slight loyalty towards (erstwhile) B E College - would have overjoyed with this news but how do we make our beloved Govt. of West Bengal understand the importance of being an IIT in today's world. It will NOT be even an historical mistake - would surely be much more than that in all forms of magnitude and honestly speaking I do not have any clue about the possible modus operandi in persuading the Government to understand the simplest of the simple reality which is understood by all except the West Bengal Government!!!

Do we all have that much of time to make them feel what is needed now and how really we can catch up with the rest of the world in a seamless manner. One IIT gives a new dimension to Ur system and Govt. of India is talking about Two IITs - shall we let it go down the drain just like that!! I really do not know nor I have any clue about the next step. Shall we cry?? Shall we plead?? Shall we pleadge?? Shall we pray?? What do we do now!!!

I am shattered and stuck with abominable awe at the God Damn mistakes of our beloved West Bengal Government!!!


Partha S. Bag, 1987 ETC
Mob: 098204 27928
Comments by Kaustav Bandyopadhyay from India on Monday, September 05, 2005 at 07:00 - IP Logged
Respected Alumni,
This is Kaustav Bandyopadhyay,a 3rd year mechanical student of B.E.College,presently BESU.Actually i'm writing this comment on behalf of all the students.We are thankful to you people for your constant support towards the upgradation of our esteemed institution to iit/ini.
Actually many of us were not aware of the developments regarding this matter.But now the news as in THE TELEGRAPH(dated 02.09.05&03.09.05)have made us to much concerned and skeptical about the attitude of west bengal govt. and our administration.This is to inform you people that we have now come to know the gravity of the situation and are united,barring all factions we have.This is an appeal to you people,who are our greatest strength along with the teachers of our institution to back us up in this movement to make our institution an iit/ini.We students are now looking forward to you to give us suggestion on this matter and to specify the direction to move.We can assure you that we have already made our mind to make our institute an iit/ini.
In the end i want to say that this the high time we people,the students,alumni and teachers to come under one umbrella to push our demand against every possible bureaucratic and polotical lethargy.
Hoping your kind and sound reply in this regard,
With regards,
Comments by Prabal Choudhury 71 Electrical from Canada on Saturday, September 03, 2005 at 15:47 - IP Logged
Now it is time for all the alumni to rise above everything and put our weight behind our alma mater in its most critical stage of its development. Let us all send emails to CM /Higher Education Minister / Higher Education Secretary etc requesting them to agree to the proposal of GOI to upgrade BESU to IIT. We may just send our request without expressing our anger or frustration and without hurting any body's feelings. I am mentioning the relevant Email ids below :
- CM ( Chief Minister)
- ( Higher Ed.Minister)


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