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Join & Review - New GAABESUS Web Site - Friday, October 14, 2005 at 20:51


Alumni web team is revamping the present alumni web site to meet GAA requirements and to support 150th anniversary celebration. Here is a sneak preview direct from the drawing board. Before we finalize the layout, look and feel, please join us in reviewing the new design. We will listen to all your constructive comments. Only a few links (home and member) are working. This is in working process but it will give your a good overview of what is coming. The site is being designed by two alumni out of Kolkata (1997 & 2003). They need your comments to improve the layout.

New Look


Comments by Readers
Comments by Swpan88 from United States on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 11:58 - IP Logged
Pallab Haldar,
Please register to the alumni database as follows:
1) Click on Members
2) Click on Registration
Enter your data and hit submit button. If you have any problems, please send a message to Someone from alumni web team will follow-up with you.
Swapan Saha, 88EE
Comments by Canadia from Canada on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 10:14 - IP Logged
TOI article
Oct 14th:
Dec date for varsities’ IIT status test
Kolkata: Bengal Engineering and Science University (BESU) and Jadavpur University (JU) are preparing for the acid test. On December 1 and 2, the two institutions will have to prove their mettle to a team of experts who are coming over to see if they deserve to be upgraded to the status of “institutions with potential to become IITs.”
Earlier this year the Union HRD ministry had shortlisted seven institutions which could be upgraded to IIT status. Bengal is the only state from where two universities were selected. In August, the heads of the two universities were asked to make presentations on their department-wise achievements, research projects and how they plan to upgrade infrastructure to be at par with IITs.
Now, the MHRD has informed them that an expert team will visit BESU on December 1 and JU on December 2. The experts will visit departments, laboratories and research projects at random to cross examine claims made by the two universities.
According to MHRD officials, the ministry has earmarked Rs 2000 crore in the 11th plan for the upgrading of the seven institutions. “Inspections by expert started in September. The two Bengal institutions are among the last to be examined. The three-member expert team will give us a report immediately after inspecting Besu and JU,” said an MHRD official from Delhi.
BESU vice-chancellor N R Banerjea told TOI, “We are gearing up to defend our claims. Twelve faculty members are preparing the powerpoint presentations according to the MHRD format. We will be ready by the end of this month. In our presentation in August, we said we would need at least Rs 950 crore to bridge the gap between us and IITs.”
In the vision plan prepared by BESU, 19 new schools of technology and four new departm e n t s (biotechnology, chemical engineering, food technology and safety and occupational health engineering) have been planned. A second campus — with hostels, staff quarters, gyms — has also been projected.
Pro-vice-chancellor of Jadavpur University, S K Sanyal said they were also making preparations for the December 2 visit.

Comments by Datta from India on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 10:13 - IP Logged
Oct14th/Oct15th TOI Articles
BE alumni on global mission for IIT status
Kolkata: Across America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India an e-mail is making the rounds among alumni of Bengal Engineering and Science University. It says that their alma mater is on its way to being upgraded to IIT status. Thanks to the e-mail, former students are uniting to form a global alumni association to support the cause.
The e-mail also says that the receiver must forward it to all the alumni he is in touch with, and to take the cause forward. It also says that the existing alumni associations of East Coast — USA, Wa s h i n g t o n , north California, Canada, London, Oman, Kuwait, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata are coming together under the global body.
The members have cited the reasons for the 150-year-old institute being upgraded to IIT status, in a recent letter to the Union ministry of human resources development and the state government. The Union ministry of human resources development has initiated the process of elevating the status of seven institutions. Among the signatories are Kajal Gupta of the 1956 civil engineering batch, now chief scientist of Nasa, Gautam Dasgupta of the 1967 civil engineering batch, now a teacher at Columbia University, Prabir Bagchi of the 1969 mechanical engineering batch, now a senior associate dean at George Washington University and Tarun Basu, director at Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Texas, Dallas.
“The upgradation of Besu has been long needed. Besu is not at par with the IITs. If one compares the budget of the two, the reason for this gap will be obvious. The annual budget of Besu is Rs 16 crores while that of IITKharagpur is Rs 200 crore,” Basu said. Once Besu acquires IIT status, the fund flow from the Center will increase, he added.
Besu global alumni association members like Pushpashis Sen of the 1955 mechanical engineering batch, now settled in London, and Shyamal Dasgupta of the 1980 metallurgical engineering batch, now settled in Washington, feel that glaring gaps like the 50% Phd
holding Besu faculty as against 100% of the IITs can now be bridged. Besu also needs to pay attention to the meagre number of papers published by its faculty (178 last year) as compared to 450 by any IIT. Also, IITs get 20 patents annually while Besu managed only three last year. “If one considers the productivity of the faculties per crore of rupees spent, Besu does better than the IITs. With additional funding, Besu can recruit better faculty and can set up better research facilities. This will bring Besu at par with a typical IIT in terms of scholarship,” reasons the alumni.
They added that it was Besu alumni who helped start IIT Kharagpur and even today a sizeable number of the latter’s faculty comes from Besu.
Comments by Pallab Haldar from India on Monday, October 17, 2005 at 06:44 - IP Logged
I want to enroll in the website ofmy college. Plz enroll me.
Comments by Pradip Sarkar from India on Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 03:41 - IP Logged
Thanks to the alumni who have designed the new look webpage. This page is very good. Especially the title bar is very attractive. I would like to make few comments to make it more beautiful.
Left side: The links at the left side are very big in size. Font size and the spacing between two lines can be reduced suitably so that it looks better. Is a “Member search” button required there? I feel it can be placed at the member page. We can think for a general search bar to search anything in the alumni web. Alumni login box is not looking very good. Now it is there at both home page and member page. I think it need not be there at every page.
Middle: Font size for the news item (at the middle) should be increased to make it readable. Colour combination (white background and green text) is not looking good. White background can be changed to some coloured one.
Right side: Spot items (below the weekly poll) are not looking good. All are in a white background. Colours are not appealing. I think some background colour will bring life in that.
With best wishes
Pradip 99CE


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