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An alumnus 02ETC, Emergeny Fund Update on Aug 1 - Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 15:13


Note: This page is updated on July 3, 2007.


A Helping Hand


Dear Friends,

An alumnus (name not disclosed to save his privacy), 2002ETC, is severely ill. He is currently in Vellore and is hospitalised. He has been diagnosed to have Aplastic Anaemia.
The only possible treatments as suggested by the doctors are

1. Bone Marrow Transplant
2. Anti Thymocyte Globulin (ATG).

Since he is the only child of his parents, hence the first option has been ruled out.
As per the suggestions of the Doctors he will be treated by ATG. The cost of treatrment with ATG will come to INR 8 lacs or it may go higher in case of unforcing complication. He will be under hospitalisation for the next 3-4 months at Vellore.  Although this treatment can make him cure at around 45-50% as per doctor's statement.
Not only does he require our blessings, he also requires our help. Please come forward with whatever we can donate to help his cause. Looking forward to your co-operation, suggestion and help. You please suggest how can we proceed to raise fund for him so that we can hand over some our contribution to his father's hand.


Sanjay Ghosh, 2002ETC

Bank Information

Removed on July 3, 2007

Beside this financial assistance another big problem has arised. The blood problem. He needs blood before, during and even after treatment. But blood bank will only give him blood from now onwards when they receive any other group's blood from anybody. It is not mandatory the blood group should be matched with hos blood group. But they only need any group's blood.
For this reason I again request you to find anybody who is nearer to Chennai or B'lore to go there as a blood donar. Bcause it will be little easier for those people who resides in Chennai or B'lore to go Vellore.
I'm giving you all the details of his in Vellore:

Christian Medical College(CMC) Hospital, Vellore-4.
Patient Name: <Removed>
Hospital Card No: 757852C
Patient of Department of Haematology
Building No: MTS3
Word: M
Bed No: 326B


Sanjay Ghosh, 2002 BE(ETC), 2005ME(ETC) <sanjay_betc AT>/sanjay.ghosh AT; 919830988901

Note to those who are in UK/Europe:
You can transfer amount to the following a/c of Manabendra Das, 2001 ETC (manabendra.das AT  Phone: 0044-7851041724) if you are in UK. He will make an arrangement to transfer money to India.
Manabendra Das
<Bank Info Removed on Aug 14, 2007>
Contact details:
Manabendra Das, 2001 ETC
email : manabendra.das AT 
Phone: 0044-7851041724


A Helping Hand


On-line Donation Received till August 1, 2006

  • Sarit Dey, 99ME, US$20.00, Jan 25 2006.
  • Bibekananda Mondal, 89CE, Toronto, Canada, US$50.00, Jan 26 2006
  • Amitabha Bhaumik, 93CE, US$25.00, Jan 26 2006
  • Biplab Mahapatra,94CE ,Chicago, US$ 50.00, Jan 27 2006
  • Prasun Ghosh, US$ 25.00, Jan 29 2006
  • Rupak Bhattacharya, 79CE, Toronto, Canada, US$ 425.00, Jan 29 2006
  • Gouri Shankar Das, 82ETC, Columbus, Ohio, US$ 200.00, Jan 29 2006
  • Asamanja Mallik, 98EE, CA, US$ 50.00, Jan 29 2006
  • Suddhasatwa Ghosh, 00ETC Dept, US$ 30.00, Jan 30 2006
  • Manoj K. Guha, 63Met, Ohia, US$ 250.00, Jan 30 2006
  • Arun  Niyogi, 65CE, Texas, US$ 50.00, Jan 30 2006
  • Sudip Mazumder, 82EE, San Mateo, CA, US$ 100.00, Jan 30 2006
  • Bhaskar Thyagarajan, 83EE, Fairfax, VA, US$ 100.00, Jan 30 2006
  • Milan Kumar Barui, 97, Met, San Diego, CA, US$ 50.00, Jan 30, 2006
  • Koushik Chakrabarty, 98 CST, Boston, US$ 20.00, Jan 31, 2006
  • Pranesh Biswas, CE-1990 Calgary-Alberta, US$ 10.00, Jan 31, 2006
  • JAYDIP GUPTA, US$ 200.00, Jan 31, 2006
  • Deb K Bhattacharyya, 1970, EE, Boston, US$ 50.00, Jan 31 2006
  • Amalendu Basak CE-1971, CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, US$ 50.00, Jan 31 2006
  • Santosh Kumar Saha, 1963CE, Baldwinsville,NY , US$ 50.00, Jan 31 2006
  • Anirban Bhowmik , 98 ETC , Columbus ,Ohio, US$ 50.00, Jan 31 2006
  • Ashimava Bhowmick, 95ME, US$ 30.00, Feb 1 2006
  • DEEPAK MITRA,1960,C.E, US$ 20.00, Feb 1, 2006
  • Niladri Sannigrahi,2001 CE, Detroit,Michigan, US$ 50.00, Feb 2 2006 
  • Manas Dey, 1995MetE, US$ 50.00, Feb 4, 2006 
  • TANMOY HAZRA,2000-Electrical, Hyderabad, US$ 12.00, Feb 4, 2006
  • Kalyan Sircar, 1979, EE, St Pteresburg, FL, USA, US$ 25.00, Feb 7, 2006
  • Hemendra Talesara, 81ETC, Austin, Texas, US$ 100.00, Feb 8, 2006 
  • Biswajit Sarkar/97-ETC/Stamford-CT-USA, US$ 50.00, Feb 8 2006
  • SIDDHARTHA DATTA, 1986, EE, KONNAGAR, US$ 31.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Rajib Maitra, 1997 CST, US$ 25.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Amulyadhan Chakraborty 94 CST Albany NY,US$ 100.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Anupam Bera, Mining - 2001, Piscataway,NJ-08854, USA, US$ 20.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Somenath Mitra, 2000, EE, US$ 100.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Ardhendu B Samanta, 1996, EE, Virginia,USA, US$ 20.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Tirthankar Barari, 1985, ETC, Boston, US$ 50.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Tarun Bhattacharyya, 1974 (ETC), Allahabad (UP), India, US$ 20.00, Feb 8 2006
  • Sumit Deb, MCA 2003, Kolkata, India, US$ 25.00, Feb 9 2006
  • TARAK RAY, US$ 30.00, Feb 9 2006
  • SOMBUDDHA CHAKRABORTY (CHUNKU) , 2001EE, US$ 50.00, Feb 9 2006
  • SOUVIK DAS, US$ 11.00, Feb 9 2006
  • Sujoy Bhattacharjee,1989 CST, Sunnyvale, CA,USA, US$ 25.00, Feb 9 2006
  • Saumyadeep Jana, 2000 MET, Rolla USA, US$ 11.00, Feb 9 2006
  • Saroj Bhol,1965 CE, East Brunswick, NJ, US$ 50.00, Feb 10 2006
  • Debal Banerjee,'84 Electrical, US$ 50.00, Feb 10 2006
  • Tanmoy Maitra - 1996 - MetE, US$ 50.00, Feb 10 2006
  • Susmita De, 2001, Civil Engineering, Minneapolis, USA, US$ 20.00, Feb 10 2006
  • Arun  Dalal, ex-student of the college, US$ 100.00, Feb 11 2006
  • SANTOSH KUMAR MAHAPATRA,2001 ETC, US$ 25.00, Feb 13 2006
  • Nirmalya Gupta 2000 CE Minneapolis, US$ 10.00, Feb 13 2006
  • Sisir Mandal/96/EE/San Diego, US$ 25.00, Feb 13 2006
  • Ayan Ghosh, 2002, PDSIT (IT), Torrance, US$ 10.00, Feb 14 2006
  • Priyanka Shekhar Khati, 1999, EE, NJ, US$ 20.00, Feb 16, 2006
  • Rajib Sarkar, 1993E&Tc , Fremont, US$ 50.00, Feb 17, 2006
  • Rajib Dutta'94,Min,Atlanta,GA, US$ 100.00, Feb 17, 2006
  • Prabhati Bhattacharya, 2001 CE, Baltimore, Maryland, US$ 100.00, Feb 18, 2006
  • Sudipta Sarkar,2002 EE,Belfast,UK, US$ 15.00, March 2 2006
Alumni team collected funds for this case by PayPal has wired US $3,176 (excluding PayPal charges and wire transfer charges) to his HDFC Bank Account in Gol Park Branch on March 10, 2006 - Saroj Bhol, 1965CE, New Jersey, USA
His account received the funds transferred from NJ, USA - Sanjay Ghosh, 2002 ETC, Wed, 22 Mar 2006 18:31:19 +0530 - Sanjay.Ghosh @
  • Pramit Basu,2001 Passout, Civil, Norristown, Philadelphia, US$ 50.00, March 12 2006
  • Kaushik Das, 1986, E & TC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, US$ 25.00, March 17 2006
  • Sushanta Kumar Bhattacharyya, 1981Civil, Calgary, Canada, US$ 25.00, July 12, 2006
  • Kunal Mukherjee,1990,Mech.,Howrah, India, US$ 10.00

If you donated on-line but do not see your name, please contact alumni we team at gbecaa AT Please contact your local representative(s) if you do not see your name posted by volunteer(s). It is expected everyone who is collecting funds, will post the list at least once a week.

A message to all alumni and well wishers on July 11, 2006 and sent to all alumni via email

"Date: Jul 11, 2006 12:35 AM
Subject: You gave me life


Dear All,
This mail is to express my sincere gratitude to all of you, directly or indirectly related to BE College or its alumni. Many of you may be friends or relatives or contacts or colleagues of BEC passouts and not have direct acquaintance with me. Still you came out with your utmost from all departments - raising funds from across the globe, calling me up from time to time to boost me up, rushing to donate blood leaving all works undone, just to stand by me and my family in a trauma like Aplastic Anaemia. So, a mere 'Thanks' is not sufficient on my part to convey my feelings towards you. You have showered me with something which I cannot repay. You have given me life - something, which is so precious and I felt so mostly when the chances of recovery seemed unpredictable despite all attempts from the doctors, my family, my colleagues, my schoolmates and YOU. 
Right now, the disease has gone partially according to CMC Vellore who have asked me to join but avoid big physical or psychological stress or excitement. The treatment procedure is prolonged and it will take another year at least to have everything OK.  
Aplastic Anaemia is a serious rare disease caused to 1 individual in a span of 1.33  lakh on a global average meter. Surfing the net, you may find many a reasons behind the disease but in reality, it's difficult to pinpoint what went wrong in a particular case like mine that gave birth to the disease. Doctors at CMC Vellore have asked me to avoid painkillers totally henceforth as they are a potent cause but are themselves not sure that whether any painkiller has caused the tragedy in my case.
I was frantically hunting for people who have had the similar experience in the past, so that any tips from him/ her would help me take precautions or do/ not do anything which I may expose myself to unknowingly. Suddenly, two weeks ago, I found a senior of mine, Mr. Sujit Ghosh from BEC Civil, a 1988 passout who went through my history given in the BEC links so far and maintains almost regular contacts with me. He has with him an experience of the same disease, but a different degree of severity and a different way of treatment though.
A very big THANKS and utmost regards to all of you again. I'll update my case history in the line of many others that are currently there in the BEC link.  

Mail fast.....................


<Name withheld>



"Thanx all of you. I received a check of $105 (from BECAA account in Provident Bank, Jersey City, New Jersey)" -- Mon, 16 Oct 2006 10:03:01 -0700 (PDT).


Comments by Readers
Comments by Bibekananda Mondal from Canada on Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 17:05 - IP Logged
Dear Sanjay,

Lots of thanks for your information. This may be partial recovery, but it's clear that he is recovering slowly. Let us all hope for his total recovery.

You have done a great job co-operating with his family members, co-ordinating on his health status and managing funds. In additon to that, credit goes to Manabendra Das of U.K., Somnath Sinharoy of UAE, Mr. Rupak Bhattacharyya, Arindam Singha of Canada and Dr. Swapan Saha of USA for their support, initiatives to generate funds and all other alumni who came forward and responded to our appeal during that critical time period.

Once again, my sincere thanks to you.

1989 CE
Comments by Sanjay Ghosh, 2002ETC from India on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 10:20 - IP Logged
Bibek da,

On behalf of his family I am expressing all my heartiest thanks to all of you who came forward and had raised their hand for helping him out. As per doctor his condition is stable but not up to the mark. It's just a "partial recovery". I'm giving here some of the blood related statistics:
He is having Hameoglobin 8.2 (whether normal is 12 - 13 for men)
WBC 4000 ( whether normal is 12000 )
Platelate 3000 ( whether normal is 10000)
So from above all information it should be clear that he is far behind from total recovery. But as per doctor he is gradually moves to the normal condition.
After 1st phase of treatment this is the condition. 2nd phase of treatment will be started soon. It is nothing but another course of medicine treatment. Recently on the start of this month he visited Vellore for another course of check-up and he will also have to visit Vellore in August. As it is very long treatment procedure so we have to wait for another 3 months at least when his 2nd phase of treatment will be at end.
If doctor will find everything is going fine then this treatment procedure will run for another 2 yrs just varying the medicine dose.
So let us hope for the best. Once again I'm expressing my thanks to you all.
Thanks & Regards
2002 ETC
Comments by Swapan Saha, 88EE from United States on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 10:49 - IP Logged
Sanjay can be reached at sanjay.ghosh[AT]
Swapan Saha
Comments by Bibekananda Mondal from Canada on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 15:21 - IP Logged
A Message to Sanjay Ghosh, 2002ETC
Hello Sanjay,
Could you please give an update on his condition. I am sure that he is improved, but if you can let us know the status.
London, ON, Canada
1989 CE
Comments by Sudipto Jana from India on Saturday, May 06, 2006 at 12:49 - IP Logged
I have come across this site perchance in course of a Google search launched for an entirely different purpose and am amazed to note the extent of camaraderie, and the evidence of goodwill and mutual support among all of you.
I am vintage by the standards of most
BEC Shibpur Alumni featuring here (going by the Batch info available) and perhaps have nothing in common - save to the extent that I was offered a seat in the Electrical stream in the year 1973 (1st batch under the JEE system), in the then "BE College, Shibpur". Many of you may not even have been born then !!
Keep up the good work and spread the message of friendship and togetherness. All of you must a great source of support providing so much financial - and equally importantly - psychological support to your fellow Alumnus, in this tortuous phase that fate has ordained. My good wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery. My good wishes also to each one of you.
Sudipto Jana - Mumbai.
Comments by Sanjay Ghosh 2002ETC from India on Sunday, April 09, 2006 at 07:47 - IP Logged
On behalf of his family I am expressing all my heartiest thanks to all of you who came forward and raised their hand for helping him out. As per doctor his condition is stable but not up to the mark. I'm giving here some of the blood related statistics:
He is having
Hameoglobin 7.1 (whether normal is 12 - 13 for men)
WBC 24000 ( whether normal is 3 lacs )
Platelate 3000 ( whether normal is 10000)
Rateculosite 5% ( whether normal is 0.5% - 2.2% )
So from above all information it should be clear that he is far behind from total recovery. But as per doctor he is gradually moves to the normal condition.
After 1st phase of treatment it is the condition. 2nd phase of treatment will be started soon. It is nothing but another course of medicine treatment. As it is very long treatment procedure so we have to wait for another 3 months at least when his 2nd phase of treatment will be at end.
If doctor will find everything is going fine then this treatment procedure will run for another 2 yrs just varying the medicine dose. So let us hope for the best. Once again I'm expressing my thanks to you all.
If anything unwanted will be cause, I will again come back to you all. I think at that time you will also come up with your love for him & his
Please spread this message all of those who beacame aware his matter.
Thanks & Regards
2002 ETC
Comments by Somnath Sinharay from United Arab Emirates on Friday, March 31, 2006 at 10:50 - IP Logged
Dear friends,

Today I have transfered Rs. 32,973 /- to his Gariyahat ICICI Bank a/c.

Please confirm once you get it & update your record.

How is he doing in Vellore now ? Any update ?


Somnath Sinha Ray
1987 Arch
Comments by Manabendra Das from United Kingdom on Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 15:38 - IP Logged
We express our thanks to all for standing beside he in this unfortunate circumstance. You would be happy to know that he has started to respond the treatment and doctors find incremental improvement. As this treatment is a very long process, we can't come to a quick conclusion right now. We are in regular contact with his.
I have collected 715.38 GBP in UK and sent to his account. The contributors are listed below (I have listed few contributors earlier):
Harsha Gupta
Susanta Choudhury (CST 2001)
Anirban Banerjee
Balaram Agarwal
Bibudh Lahiri
Prasun Nandy (ETC 2003)
Partha Chakraborty (ETC 1998)
Sourish Sannyasi (EE 2000)
Aniruddha Roychoudhury (EE 2001)
Saikat Mondal (ETC 2001)

Thanks for your co-operation.
Manabendra Das (ETC 2001)
Comments by S K Basak from India on Friday, March 03, 2006 at 00:09 - IP Logged
I am a Mechanical Engineer from 2002 batch,I have contributed and circulated the info to our friends who people are in contact with me right now. I am also seeing a good response through this website. I think you all are having a very strong feelings of our college friends. This is tradition of our college. So, do not worry, we are with you always; you will definitely overcome the situation. God bless!
Comments by Sanjay Ghosh from India on Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 07:24 - IP Logged
Update about the case as on 15.02.2006 
He had been moved to a rented house nearby Vellore Hospital. From there he used to visit the hospital for checking up on a regular 4/5 days interval basis. According to last check up his both RBC & WBC count was reduced. He will be given again 1 bottle blood and 2 bottles of platelets today. But as per doctor as itís a long treatment process so this type of situation may arise when the response from the treatment will be coming fine and some time it may not. Since itís a min. 6 months treatment procedure so we have to wait for any final conclusion till the completion of this tenure.
Sanjay Ghosh(2002 ETC)
Comments by Sanjay Ghosh from India on Friday, February 03, 2006 at 06:13 - IP Logged
The follow up plan as per doctor need to be taken
The first step is to combat these side reactions which are sometimes toxic. The injections need to be followed up with steroid prednisilone oral drug therapy followed by 3 to 6 months of cyclosporine treatment. The result of the entire treatment can only be expected after a period of 3 to 6 months of cyclosporine treatment.
Sanjay Ghosh(2002 ETC)
Comments by Bibekananda Mondal from Canada on Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 16:17 - IP Logged
I requested few known people staying around Vallore to visit CMC Hospital and donate blood for him; hope that helps.
Comments by Arindam Singha from Canada on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 08:28 - IP Logged
I am collecting money from the canadian section of B E College alumni association. I am a batchmate of him (2002, ME). Aftet collecting money, I am planning to send it through citibank NRI account in the next week. So, far the collection list is as below:
Dr. Nihar Biswas 100 CAD
Jyoti Ranjan Sengupta 1000 INR
Dr. S Das 50 CAD
Sankha Roy 200 CAD
Shovini Dasgupta 25 CAD
Souvik Guha 35 CAD
Arindam Singha 40 CAD
Anupam De 20 CAD
Jyoti Prakash Ghosh 50 CAD
I am expecting these collections alongwith those come after today to reach him next monday.
Arindam Singha
2002 Mechanical
Comments by Anupam De from Canada on Monday, January 30, 2006 at 21:10 - IP Logged
As a guest alumni member of Canada chapter, I would pray almighty God to shower His blessings to our beloved friend.
Comments by Manabendra Das from United Kingdom on Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 16:10 - IP Logged
Sub: Update on the treatment
He was given 4 injections in four consecutive days (25th Ė 28th Jan) and from today (29th Jan) he will be in a observation of doctor for next 6 weeks. Doctor will observe whether he will be affected by any side-effect or how he will begin to respond to the treatment. This period is going to be critical. After that period he will also has to undergo full restriction & diagnosis for nest 6 months. And for this period according to doctorís advice it will be better to stay at Vellore since Vellore hospital will release him after 6 weeks. Staying at Vellore would be helpful because when any crisis situation will arise he can be moved to hospital easily.
This post treatment cost will likely to be 2 lacs or more, which is out of previous 8 lacs estimation.

Some of our friends from Bangalore & Chennai have visited Vellore to donate blood. They were:
1) Avijit Barik (ETC, 2002)
2) Shovan Sutar (ETC, 2002)
3) Md Hasan (CST, 2002)
4) Abhishek Ghosh (CST, 2002)
5) Anindya Sundar Nandi (CST, 2002)
6) Anish Mondal (CST, 2002) & his wife(she was not able to donate blood)
7) Naku (Nickname) (CST,2003)
8) Shantanu Das (EE, 2002)
9) Two people from Rajabazar Sc college who are actually friends of Shantanu.
We are very thankful to them.

Manabendra Das (ETC 2001)
Comments by Bibekananda Mondal from Canada on Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 15:20 - IP Logged
It's my appeal to all of our BEC Alumni: Please do not waste time, just contribute whatever your heart desires, let us all take the utmost effort to save his life.
My heartiest pray to almighty for our beloved friend.
Comments by Manabendra Das from United Kingdom on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 13:46 - IP Logged
Sub: Fund for his treatment Ė Online donation for Abroad Alumnus
Dear All,
We have created a link in BEC Alumni website, which is link to an on-line donation account. Anyone from North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, can donate by credit card directly through the payment website.
An account has been set with the following info:
Pay To: Bengal Engineering College Alumni Association
Payment For: An alumnus  2002ETC, Medical Emergency Fund
The fund will go to BECAA, USA account. BECAA, USA will transfer the fund to his  account in India on regular basis. Each donor will receive an e-mail and an e-mail will be sent to, which will be checked regularly.
Please send a note to us stating your contribution that would help us to track your money.
Thanks for your much help.
Manabendra Das (ETC 2001)
Comments by from United Kingdom on Monday, January 23, 2006 at 14:51 - IP Logged
SUB: Update on his bank account details.
Dear All,
Some of you, who are contributing money through e-transfer to his account, may require swift code, bank code and MICR No to transfer money online. The detail of his  account is given below along with additional information:

Golpark Branch, Kolkata.

We have received around 25,000 INR in his account in last few days. We all thank your for your kind help. We would expect more people will cooperate.
Manabendra Das (ETC 2001)
Comments by Manabendra Das from United Kingdom on Monday, January 23, 2006 at 13:41 - IP Logged
Sub: Funds update on 23rd January 2006.
Dear All,
We have received some money (GBP 445) for his medical treatment from Alumni and friends in UK.
Details of the contributors are listed below:
1. Rana Ghosal GBP 50
2. Sourav Kumar Ghosh GBP 60
3. Agnel Joseph GBP 200
4. Narayana Jayanthi GBP 50
5. Pavan Kumar GBP 25
6. Manabendra Das GBP 50
7. Shantanu Mukherjee GBP 10
The money will be sent to his account.
We would expect more Alumni will come front and contribute for his medical treatment.
Thanks for all of your co-operation.
Manabendra Das (ETC 2001)
Comments by Sanjay Ghosh from India on Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 10:15 - IP Logged
Dear all,
So far the step whatever you all have taken that is quite remarkable.
The collection of blood is going fine and response is very good. Though more blood will be needed when the treatment will commence which is expected from 25th Jan. As per doctor 20 to 30 bottles of blood will be needed during this probable 2 weeks treatment duration.
Now I just give you another big issue regarding blood.
The big problem is that he needs Platelet beside this blood. The donor shouldnít be worried about this because they will give blood but doctor will do the rest to extract it from blood. But the Platelet canít be stored for long duration to be donated. Itís generally taken on that very day of requirement. So we need to arrange for donor when he needs it exactly. That means the people who reside nearby Vellore should be prepared for going there to donate blood(actually Platelet) when it will be required during treatment. Platelet will be also required at around 25-30 bottles. Now this become bigger issue and we donít have any idea how will we solve this.
So, we request you please think for it and suggest what can we do?
Comments by Manabendra Das from United Kingdom on Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 16:28 - IP Logged
Dear All,

Thank you very much for your quick response. We have been getting good response from BEC Alumni and their friends. We are continuously in contact with him. He is hopeful more BEC Alumni will come forward to extend their help.

Please visit the site to know the details of his illness.
SUB: An alumus 2002ETC needs help from alumni community
We contacted some of our Chennai based friends (not BESUS Alumni) who are ready to extend help to collect blood for his treatment. To make arrangement for blood collection we urgently need some alumni as volunteer who stay near to Vellore or Bangalore or Chennai. They will be coordinating with his family and other well wishers who are extending help and us. For example, when blood is required he will contact the proper person who is willing to donate. We need Volunteer from different places for collecting donation too.

We request you all, kindly come forward and help him to recover from present situation.

Please contact the following persons:

Sanjay Ghosh
E-mail: sanjay.ghosh[AT], sanjay_betc[AT]
Phone: +91-9830988901

Manabendra Das
E-mail: manabendra.das[AT]
Phone: 0044-7851041724

Gunjan Mandal

We all pray to God for his quick recovery.
Please forward this news to All BEC Alumni and your friends.

Thanks for all of your co-operation.

Manabendra Das (ETC 2001)


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