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The Link & Giving Back: Alumni Contribution to BEC - Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 17:42


Download Brochure: [Power Point Slideshow, 770KB] or [PDF, 1.2MB]. .

Highlights of Successful Alumni Projects at BESU

Goal - GAABESU Corpus Fund with alumni membership fees and donation from alumni, well wishers, public, and private sectors for all future alumni funded projects at BESU.

LAN PROJECT- Campus-wide Computer Networking Project
Alumni Contribution: USD 38K. Status: Operational since mid 1990s

VLSI LAB: Ganapati Sengupta Very-large-scale Integration R&D laboratory
Alumni Contribution: USD 60K in liquid assets and in the equivalent of USD 400K in negotiated software contracts. Status: Inaugurated in May, 2005 and a new M.Tech Program started in July 2006.

SCHOLARSHIP - Alumni sponsored scholarship for needy and/or meritorious students Alumni Contribution: USD 50+K just from US Alumni; substantial contribution from alumni in other countries and India. This program is running since 1998-99. Goal is to award 50 GAA Scholarships in 2006-07. Each scholarship pays INR 10,000/- per year.

SEMINAR ROOM (Mini Auditorium) - State-of-the-art seminar room with advanced audio-visual presentation capabilities. Alumni Contribution: USD 30K.  Status: The project was completed in 2005.

PDSIT - Interdisciplinary Information Technology School
Alumni Contribution: INR 1Crore. Up and running since early 2001.

ALUMNI SEMINAR - Seminar series with alumni as well as other distinguished speakers Alumni Contribution: USD 4K. Seminar series is running since 2004.

PROMODA LODH LAB - Research and development of mobile information and communication technologies Alumni Contribution: USD 35K.

EMERGENCY FUND (HELP LINE) - Financial aid to alumni, students, faculty, staff and/or their families for educational pursuits or medical emergencies
Alumni Contribution: INR 40-42 Lac. More than 7 students, alumni and staff were helped financially.

ENDOWED PROFESSORSHIP - Chaired Professorship in the Civil Engineering Department. Alumni Contribution: USD 130K (INR 60 lac). Dr. Suman Dasgupta has been selected for this chair.

CONSTRCUTION GRANT - Contribution to complete a floor of the Science Building. Alumni Contribution: USD 71K. A new block has been named after Bankim Lodh Block.

YOUNG FACULTY RESEARCH AWARD - Annual research awards for young BESUS faculty. Alumni Contribution: INR 100K per year. 2 Faculty were awarded INR 100K in 2005-06.

Media: Aajkaal (a leading Bengali Newspaper) on Alumni Contribution

An Appeal

All alumni are urged to become members of this association. Memberships are available in the form of Life Membership as well as Annual Membership. The fee Structure is as follows:

1.  India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives and Sri Lanka
     Life Membership: Rs. 2500.00 and Annual Membership: Rs. 250.00.

2.  Middle-eastern Countries
    Life Membership: Rs. 5000.00 and Annual Membership: Rs. 500.00.

3.  USA, Canada, Japan and other European/Western Countries
     Life Membership: US $300.00 and Annual Membership: US $30.00.

We request you to get involved for the betterment of our Alma Mater by donating time, money or both and make it a top destination for engineering and science education in India.  This will be your way of saying “Thank you, BEC, for giving us so much during our formative years!”

GAABESU will start fund raising drive along with current membership drive for a Corpus Fund to sponsor all future alumni initiated projects at BESU. 



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