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Tania Pramanik 2006 Arch in emergency - Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 13:23
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 18:26:14 +0530
From: "Prof.ArupSarkar" <prof.arup[AT]> 
Dear all,
It is the good news for which we all waited for all these days,  and here is the time of Celebration. Tania Pramanik has been released from Apollo Hospital and tomorrow she will be back to Calcutta. She is declared fit and cured. However, she will be on back up medicine for a few more days. It is a great acievement on the part of the Alumni to extend the right help at the right time so that this miraculous result was obtained. We hope to hear directly from Tania within a few days. There is no need of any additional fund right now.
Arup Sarkar


Fri, 15 Jun 2007 11:06:04 +0530
From: "Prof.ArupSarkar" <prof.arup[AT]> 
This is to inform that Tania Pramanik has reached Chennai today for continuation of her treatment. They will go to Apollo Hospital first and then will decide whether to visit Vellore or not. Her father and uncle accompahnied her.  In spite of my repeated request to go by Air they boarded the Corromondol Express.
Further details regarding her treatment is awaited.
Tania expressed her sincere gratitude to all donors without whom her sufferings could have become colossal. She said she wants to further her studies and applied for the Masters Course at BE College. She is now hopeful and energized. She acknowledges the help from the alumni, and said that she will surely communicate to each of them individually when she will be in a position to do so. Now She can get up and walk, but not for a long time. She does not have any net access now. She expressed her interest to talk to Mr. Dasgupta in person over phone, and all others when she comes back to Kolkata. She even said that she will return all unspent money to GAABESU for depositing in the emergency fund, and eager to contribute to that fund in future, when she will grow more. She very well understands the meaning of help, and respectful to the feeling of her seniors. 
They have not even taken their mobile phones with them, so at present communication is not possible unless they call using public call booths. 
Arup Sarkar

Prof Arup Sarkar updates on Mon, 4 Jun 2007 21:24:52 +0530    

"She has almost recovered from Bone TB infection, and now preparing to visit Appollo Hospital at Chennai for Spinal Cord Treatment. The were 12 cases of unidentified donors, who sent money without declaration. After my appeal only three responed."

Please see the update sent by Prof Sarkar on Thu, 10 May 2007 01:29:04 +0530.

Attention: Individual Donors (who donated directly to Tania's bank account)

Prof. Arup Sarkar (Mon, 14 May 2007 19:22:21 +0530) wrote:

Declaration (Download - new. If you are not a member of, join it sending your details to alumni office, gaabesu[AT] is needed from all the donors paid so far. Names of all donors are needed:

Date            Name            Ref.                                Amt.

4/5/2007             ?            TRF 098561040694          Rs. 20000.00

4/5/2007             ?            RBI EST                         Rs. 250.00

7/5/2007             ?            RBI EST                         Rs. 1000.00

8/5/2007             ?            Ch. 943                          Rs. 4000.00

8/5/2007             ?            Ch. 16094                      Rs. 1000.00

8/5/2007             ?            RBI EST                         Rs. 5000.00

10/5/2007  Arnab Sumanta  TRF   01009798327       Rs. 2300.00

11/5/2007           ?            by EST                           Rs. 1000.00

12/5/2007           ?            Ch. 632461                      Rs. 1000.00

12/5/2007          ?            RBI Est. 53771                 Rs. 5000.00

12/5/2007          ?            RBI Est. 63837                Rs. 5000.00

12/5/2007          ?            TRF 098955068668            Rs. 1000.00

14/5/2007          ?            RBI Est.                            Rs. 2000.00

7/3/2007     Bhaskar Ghosh    059845                       Rs. 1000.00

3/5/2007            Runa Dasgupta            632461            Rs. 1000.00

7/5/2007            Malay Dash            517152            Rs. 1000.00

7/5/2007            Pradip K. Das            077739            Rs. 2000.00

5/5/2007            Anonymous            927549            Rs. 5000.00


If you donated on-line and/or to USA team, you do not need to do anything. We request local teams to collect and contact Prof Sarkar for all the logisitics - Alumni Web Team

GAABESU Emergency Fund Proposal - Download process document

A Helping Hand


A) Contact Information

Primary Contact(s) (Medical and Financial):

1) Tania Pramanik

44/2 Brindaban Mallick Lane
Howrah 711101, WB, India
Mobile: 91-9830400393

2) Arup Sarkar (Arch'85), Prof at BESU
E-mail: prof.arup[AT]
Phone: 0 9830198481

3) Her class-mates

  • Susmita Sahoo (9830727075)
  • Priyanka Kar (9940027433)
  • Niladri Ghosh (9831301585)

B) How to Donate?

Please send the declaration if you donate directly to Tania. Any payment on-line or to local contacts, you do not need to send any declaration. If you have any questions, please contact "Prof.Arup Sarkar" prof.arup[AT]

Funds collection for Tania is suspended as she does not need any immediate funds (See Prof Sarkar's update on June 21, 2007).

1. The Bank Account

A/c Name: Tania Pramanik & Manoj Kumar Pramanik (Father - joint A/c holder)

A/c No.: <Removed>

Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Kadamtala, Howrah, INDIA (SBI Branch Code: 4790)
Swift Code: SBININBB494

For any clarification please mail to:

Arup Sarkar (Arch'85)
0 9830198481

For instruction on how to pay, please also see an appeal and instruction  sent to all alumni via email: (need to join BECollege group to access this email)

2. On-line Donation by a credit card - Anyone with a valid credit card

On-line payment by a credit card from any part of the word, click the following image. Donors from USA receive USA Federal Tax benefit. Any on-line payment will be posted here on weekly basis. If you wish to be anonymous, please advise alumni web team.

On-line option payment is removed on June 22, 2007.

3. Donation by a check/draft in the USA

Make your donation payable to "BECAA" and mail it to

c/o Mr. Saroj Bhol,
54 Bosko Drive,
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Tel: 732.257.5989
Please write "Tania Pramanik" in the memo.

Contact Info (USA):

  • Biman Ghosh, 81MET
  • Bhaskar DasGupta, 81EE
  • Swapan Saha, 88EE

4. Donation in the Middle East


  •  Somnath SinhaRoy, AbuDhabi, UAE, 1987 Arch (050-2384932) (02-6261485)   somnath[AT]
  • Rajdeep Dutta, 88EE, Oman, rajdeep_dutta2003[AT]

5. Donation in India:



  • Gopal Halder, 87EE
  • Kabita Jha, 81ETC

Mumbai: Jahar Gangopadhyay <jlgangopadhyay[AT]>, 67CE

Delhi: To be announced

Kolkata/Howrah/BESU Campus:


  • Arup Sarkar: +91 9830198481: Prof.Arup[AT]
  • Tania Pramanik: Mobile: 91-9830400393

6) Australia

Contact: Sushim Mukul Roy <sushimmukulroy[AT]> 2003ETC

Other Citites: All persons based on India willing to contribute for this cause are requested to contact Biman Ghosh or Arup Sarkar.

C) An Appeal

Dear Friends,

Several good news on air, with positive steps towards IIEST status of BESUS and the Rebeca 2007 round the corner. With all these pomp and gaiety around, I received a phone call from Sujay Dhar (Arch 89) a few days back with a very sad news.

I feel very sorry to bring this to your knowledge a case of a girl named Tania Pramanik who graduated  only in 2006 (Arch), who is now paralyzed and completely bed ridden at her home due to BONE TB and collapse of B9 Vertebra.


Picture taken by Rajdeep Dutta, 88EE on April 29, 2007


She is the eldest of three siblings, brother Pritam appeared in HS and JEE this year, sister Sonia studying in class XI, and her father has no regular income, except having some sporadic tuitions and a sinking practice as an unregistered homeopathic doctor. The parents had an ambition to make their daughter an architect, who, after passing out, will revive the economic condition of the family, arrange for further studies of her sisters and so on. She joined Maheswari and Co. in Calcutta during June 2006 with a salary of 8000.00 and continued till October, when she had fallen in jaundice, and became weak day by day, with a huge back pain. She could never get up again till date. She lost the job, naturally. The X-Ray report revealed a decay of the Vertebral bone, and in January this year she was advised by the local doctor to consult a Spinal Surgeon. Dr. Soumyajit Basu of Park Clinic, Kolkata. She was admitted to Park Nursing home. Then it was discovered that Taniya acquired Bone TB, probably caused by mal-nutrition. The germ has eaten out a major portion of her bones out of the vertebral column, and B9 was critically damaged. Treatment started with applying medicines for TB. She is now at her home, advised to be in bed, and not to move or get up.

Her father came to BESUS to meet the Head of the Department to ask about the possibility of her admission to MTRP Course, when it would be possible for her to walk. Yes, last year she has qualified for GATE too. He also met me, but even upon repetitively insisted, he did not ask for any help. He informed that they have spent about forty thousand rupees so far for his daughter's treatment. He seemed to have no idea about the future course of action except what comes to them. He looked blank.

I request all who like to care to directly contact Taniya Pramanik at her mobile: 9830400393 or write at her address given below:

Tania Pramanik
44/2 Brindaban Mallick Lane
Howrah 711101, WB, India
Mobile: 91-9830400393

I remember Tania Pramanik as one who used to come to the college by cycling all the way from Kadamtalla for all the five years in her college days. Now I think I know why she used to come by cycle.

I regret if I cause inconveniences to any one with this mail. I know there are many persons in our great alumni fraternity who can do a lot of things to make a difference. I submit this case to them.

Arup Sarkar, 85ARCH
Email: prof.arup[AT]

D) Medical Reports

E) Update

1) Prof Arup Sarkar updates on Mon, 4 Jun 2007 21:24:52 +0530    

This is to confirm that $1000 sent by Mr. Ujjal Dasgupta, Louisiana, USA has reached Tania.

She has almost recovered from Bone TB infection, and now preparing to visit Appollo Hospital at Chennai for Spinal Cord Treatment. The were 12 cases of unidentified donors, who sent money without declaration. After my appeal only three responed.
2) "Prof. Arup Sarkar" <prof.arup[AT]> at Thu, 10 May 2007 01:29:04 +0530
Dear all,
The case of Tania Pramanik received an overwhelming response from the entire body of the alumni I convey the heartfelt gratitude to all on behalf of Sri Manoj Pramanik, Tania's father. Today I give you some great news, for which we were all waiting for all the time holding our breath. The signs were positive for last few days. Tania was visited by Dr P.K. Bera MBBS MD who had given a second opinion on Dr. Soumyadip Basu's prescription. The physiotherapist working upon Tania got positive results. They used belts and straps so that the spinal cord does not dislocate. And with all these, TODAY, SHE GOT UP FROM BED AND WALKED FOR FIVE MINUTES. Wonderful   !!!! Bravo !!!! CHEERS !!!!
I had a long discussion with Manojbabu yesterday. He wants to take Tania to Apollo Hospital or CMC Vellore at Chennai at the earliest, when doctors will allow her to travel. With help from all it should be possible now. I would request Alumni stationed at Chennai to respond at the earliest for local hosting.
Another good news. Her classmates are taking very active role in all decision taking process along with her family. Susmita Sahoo (9830727075) arranged for a checkup with Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, Orthopedic Surgeon of AMRI. Priyanka Kar (9940027433) and Niladri Ghosh (9831301585) are also in constant touch with them. All contemporary alumni are requested to contact these three directly regarding suggestions and discussions.
Arup Sarkar
3) An update from Rajdeep Dutta, 88EE on April 30, 2007
On behalf of GAABESU me and Arup da visited Tania on 29 April evening at her residence at Kadamtala (Howrah). Tania was found bedridden but her eyes were full of life & hope. We conveyed that GAABESU is with her and not to worry about her treatment, we all are with her no matter what.
Arup da as her Professor in BESU had an advantage to assure her and give proper advice for her treatment. Arup da also collected her medical records and bank account details, which he will circulate soon.
Prosenjit Chakraborty (87 EE) given me Rs. 5,400/- in Muscat for her. I have added Rs. 20,000/- to it and handed over to Tania as initial contribution from GAABESU.
I requested whether she likes to say anything to alumni community worldwide on camera. She tried but silently shook her head with little helplessness on her moist eyes. I said never mind, we will convey the appeal on your behalf. Arup da (as her teacher in BESU, I suppose) told her to smile and asked me to take a still photo of her smiling face (posted above). I did. I took her permission to publish that on GAABESU website.

All the best,
Rajdeep (88 EE)



4) List of On-line donors (Last updated June 15, 2007)

  • Amitabha Bhaumik, NY, USA, US$ 30.00, May 1 2007
  • Swapan Saha, CA, USA, US$ 50.00, May 1 2007
  • Goutam Chattopadhyay, 87-ETC, CA, USA, US$ 100.00, May 1 2007
  • Susobhan Ghosh, TX, US$ 50.00, May 1 2007
  • Arshad Alam,1994CST, CA, USA, US$ 35.00, May 1 2007
  • Somenath Mitra, 00EE, CA, USA, US$ 100.00, May 1 2007
  • Mr.Venkat Sana - A friend of Amitabha Bhaumik 93 CE, NY USA, US$ 25.00, May 2 2007
  • Subrata Mondal 87EE, CA, USA, US$ 50.00, May 2 2007
  • Tanmoy Hazra, 2000, EE, India, US$ 12.00, May 3 2007
  • Pallab Ghosh Choudhuri, Arch '98, Cincinnati Ohio, USA, US$ 25.00, May 3 2007
  • Amit Kumar Dutta 2000, ETC Bangalore, US$ 50.00, May 4 2007
  • Prosanta Ghosh, 97, Min, Bangalore US$ 50.00, May 4 2007
  • Achintya Das, 68EE, Milan, Italy, US$ 100.00, May 4 2007
  • Sutapa Samanta, 1999, Civil, Baltimore MD, USA, US$ 50.00, May 4 2007
  • Baishali Raychaudhuri, 90EE, TX, USA, US$ 200,00, May 4 2007
  • Suvro Raychaudhuri, 99ME, CT, USA, US$ 50.00, May 4 2007
  • Anonymous alumnus,  US$ 500.00, May 4 2007

  • Amitabha & Lipika Chatterjee 83EE, NJ, USA US$ 50.00, May 4 2007
  • Sourav Banerjee,  2000 CE, Tempe, Arizona, USA, US$ 40.00, May 4 2007
  • Anonymous,1983, CA, US$ 100.00, May 4 2007

  • Sandip Jalan,2005,IT,San Francisco,CA, US$ 50.00, May 4 2007
  • Subhasis Mondal, 93ETC, Kolkata, US$ 25.00, May 5 2007
  • Arup Bhattacharya 82ETC, WA, USA, US$ 200.00, May 5 2007
  • Koushik Chakrabarty US$ 25.00, May 5 2007
  • Krishanu Dey 2005 - Mechanical, US$ 25.00, May 5 2007
  • MR SUSHIM M Roy, US$ 125.00, May 6 2007
  • Jayanta Lahiri, US$ 70.00, May 6 2007
  • Anonymous 2003EE, US$ 25.00, May 6 2007
  • Dhrubajyoti Mishra, 2003CST, USA US$ 25.00, May 6 2007
  • Nabarun Mondal US$ 30.00 May 6 2007
  • Subhro Sajal Roy CE 1989 Calgary, Canada, US$ 20.00, 7 May 2007
  • Surya Bhattacharyya, 1990, ETC, Little rock, USA, US$ 50.00, 7 May 2007
  • Sudipta & Soumita, 2001, EE, USA, US$ 50.00, 7 May 2007
  • Sisir Mandal 96EE San Diego CA, US$ 30.00, May 7 2007
  • Mr. Anindya Sankar Chattopadhyay, Australia, 2004IT, $ 82.5 USD May 7 2007
  • Moloy Kumar Nath, US$ 30.00, May 7 2007
  • SAMARESH NANDI 02EE,NEW-DELHI, US$ 15.00, May 7 2007
  • Avijit Nayek, 2002, ETC, Torrance, CA, US$ 75.00, May 7 2007
  • Debasis Banerjee 77EE SouthVictoria, Australia, US$ 125.00, May 7 2007
  • Siladitya Pal, 2003, Mechanical, Houhton, MI, US$ 25.00, May 7 2007
  • Chitta Haty, 2000, CST, India, US$ 50.00, May 8 2007
  • Umapada Mandal, US$ 20.00, May 8 2007
  • MRINMOY KAR, US$ 25.00, May 8 2007
  • Achirangshu De, 2003EE, USA, US$ 30.00, May 8 2007
  • Koustav Biswas, 2000, ME, UK, US$ 25.00, May 9 2007
  • Sourav Ghosh, 2001, ME, Oxford, UK, US$ 50.00, May 9 2007
  •  Subhra (Ana) 2001 Mech Kolkata. US$ 25.00, May 9 2007
  • Avijit Verma, 2002, ARCH, NJ, USA, US$ 100.00, May 9 2007
  • ARINDAM SENGUPTA CE 88, MUMBAI, US$ 25.00 May 9 2007
  • Pramit Basu 2001 CE USA, US$ 50.00, May 10 2007
  • DIPAYAN CHAKRABARTI, Canada, US$ 50.00, May 10 2007
  • Ayindri BAnerjee , 2002 , Architecture , Middletown , CT, US$ 100.00, May 11 2007
  • Rana Ghosal,1998,Civil, UK, US$ 50.00, May 11 2007
  • Sandip Sen, Architecture 1997, Texas, USA, US$ 50.00, May 13 2007
  • Sagarika Nanda, US$ 20.00, May 14 2007
  • Anupam Chakraborty, 2002, CSE, Bangalore, US$ 70.00, May 16 2007
  • Mohammad Raihan, US$ 25.00, 16 May 2007
  • SANJAY KONAR, US$ 50.00, 17 May 2007
  • Madhuparna Das, US$ 25.00 May 18 2007
  • SREERUP K DANDAPAT. US$ 30.00, May 18 2007
  • NILADRI SANNIGRAHI, 2001, CE, CALIFORNIA, US$ 50.00, May 19 2007
  • Tarun Basu, US$100, Arlington/TX May 8, 2007 (Check)
  • Asok Chakrabarty, US$50, Bloomfield/NJ May 8, 2007 (Check)
  • Anonymous, US$ 200.00, San Jose/CA May 8 2007 (Check)
  • Saroj Bhol, US$100,  E. Brunswick/NJ May 9, 2007 (Check)
  • Sham ganguli, US$100,  Thousand Oaks/CA May 11, 2007 (Check)
  • Prasun Ghosh, US$35,  Warren/MI May 11, 2007 (Check)
  • Kajal K Gupta, US$100,  Santa Clarita/CA May 17, 2007 (Check)
  • Anupam Ghoshal, UAE, US$ 100.00, June 5, 2007
  • A check for $4240 was mailed to Tania Pramanik on June 6th. Please see the attachment for  the related documents    
  • Partha Pratim Nath, US$ 25.00, 7 June 2007
  • Rajib Sarkar US$ 50.00, 1993 , E&Tc , USA, 15 June 2007


All on-line payments are posted here regularly. Payment made to USA co-ordinator will be also posted here too. For missing/incorrect on-line payment information, please contact alumni web team at gbecaa[AT] For a confirmation of your payment to local volunteers or directly to Tania Pramanik account, please contact them directly. If you wish to be anonymous, please advise alumni web team.

5) June 15, 2007 - Sukanta Roy, 77ETC: BECAA Maharashtra and individual alumni of BECAA Maharashtra had donated Rs.55,000/- to Tania for her treatment. Attached letter is self-explanatory [Details].

6) June 28, 2007 - Somnath SinhaRay, 87ARCH - UAE Alumni sent Rs 53,000/- to Tania.

7) Rajdeep Dutta, 88EE updates on 29 June 2007. The following payments are received from Oman alumni.

Rs. 10,500/- from Soumitra Chatterjee (1982 Arch)
Rs. 2,100/- from Saswata Banerjee (2006 Arch)

Comments by Readers
Comments by Bhaskar Ghosh from India on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 03:12 - IP Logged
Can someone update the format of declaration for donation in this web site. We did it last time for Abhijit Das.
98 Metallurgy
Comments by Suman Sinha from India on Monday, May 14, 2007 at 04:06 - IP Logged
Tania,I wish your speedy recovery and pray to God that you will stand on your feet to achieve whatever you dreamt so far.
Comments by Arunava Das Gupta from India on Friday, May 11, 2007 at 03:20 - IP Logged
Everything will be fine,
Trust your self and never give up. We are here to help you only.
I am staying in Bangalore and have some friends with me. We are ready to help if Tania needs any treatment in southern part of India.
Please let me know.
Comments by Partha Pratim Nath from India on Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 13:27 - IP Logged
Tania, your smiling face still reminds me of the magnificient dance number that you performed in your freshers' welcome in'll do it again, that's for sure....BEC family is with you...Cheers !!
Comments by Sourav Ghosh from United Kingdom on Wednesday, May 09, 2007 at 07:41 - IP Logged
Get well soon Tania!
Thanks to Arup da and Rajdeep da for making this arrangement for Tania. I am sure you have also ensured that she is getting the best possible treatment.
Comments by Anupam Ghosh from India on Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 06:21 - IP Logged
tania, get well soon.. we are always with you... and waiting for your quick recovery..
Comments by Abhijit Saha from India on Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 06:19 - IP Logged
Keep Smiling!!!!You will get well soon ... bhalo thakis
Comments by Arunava Das from India on Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 06:17 - IP Logged
Keep Smiling!!!!U will get well soon.......we are with u always
Comments by Shamik Singha Roy from India on Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 03:50 - IP Logged
Dont get nervous,You will get well soon.
Comments by Baisakhi Chaudhuri from India on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 23:29 - IP Logged
Tania,we are ALL with you all the time and praying for your recovery.Fight it back and get well soon!Make us proud once more!
Comments by Avijit Nayek from United States on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 21:17 - IP Logged
Get well soon.
Comments by Apurba Lal Panja from India on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 08:14 - IP Logged
We all pray for your quick recovery.You will get well soon.
Comments by Arunava Biswas from Norway on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 05:31 - IP Logged
Tania.You will be alright and able to walk very soon. Do not worry. We are always beside you .You are a brave girl.Let your smile shine all arround.
Comments by Rajiv Mukherjee -99Civil from Oman on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 01:46 - IP Logged
Tania come up sister. We all brothers and sisters are with u. Come up Brave Girl. We all are with you.
Comments by Susobhan Ghosh from United States on Sunday, May 06, 2007 at 16:20 - IP Logged
I concur with Sanjukta Dan's suggestion of getting .Tania treated at CMC, Vellore. So I request Alumni in India to help arranging her moving to Vellore.
Comments by Basab Majumdar, CE 66 from India on Saturday, May 05, 2007 at 03:40 - IP Logged
Tania,get well very soon. You are a brave girl and I pray to God to keep you smiling always.
Comments by Saswata Banerji,06(ARCH) from Oman on Friday, May 04, 2007 at 09:33 - IP Logged
"Tani" get well soon, the words in ur mouth r waitng to be spoken much more faster than it used to in our college days........the almighty is there to solvo all problems so don't worry & one thing he has already started raining his blessings......god bless you.
Comments by Moumita Mukherjee, 94 CE from United States on Friday, May 04, 2007 at 06:14 - IP Logged
Your smile is like sunshine. You are a brave girl. You will definitely get well soon.
Comments by Achintya Das, 68 EE from Italy on Friday, May 04, 2007 at 03:16 - IP Logged
Good to see the spirit of Global Alumni and see Tania smiling.
Tania, soon you will be ok and re-start your carrier. Keep up your spirit. It is just a transition in your life to give you more strength to fight any challange in future.
Best wishes,
Comments by Arnab Kumar Das-05 Mech from India on Friday, May 04, 2007 at 01:30 - IP Logged
This is an extremely sad news.Don't lose hope. We all pray for your speedy recovery.We will do what ever we can. Keep smiling!
Comments by Subir Kumar Das from India on Friday, May 04, 2007 at 00:07 - IP Logged
I pray to Almighty for your speedy recovery. S.K.Das EE78
Comments by Sugata Sinha from India on Thursday, May 03, 2007 at 21:23 - IP Logged
It was really a great shock to see an alumni in this condition.
however we pray that she recovers soon and fulfills all her and her family's dreams!!!
get well soon !!!
Comments by Pallab Ghosh Choudhuri from United States on Thursday, May 03, 2007 at 19:48 - IP Logged
Let us pray to the God for her speedy recover. I am sure that she will get well soon.
Comments by chiranjib_11 from India on Thursday, May 03, 2007 at 03:14 - IP Logged
We the alumni of BEC presently working at PWC came to know this painful incident through the mail of Arup da.We are trying our best to collect some amount from our friends,seniors,juniors which can help Taniya to fight for her life.
Here is the message for taniya:
Don't loose your determination.We all are with you,want to see you smiling everytime.Hope you will recover completely very soon.
We are thankfull to all of them who have already contributed and promised to contribute for her.Apart from the BEings,some of our colleagues have already extended their hands to help her.We remain indebted to them.
Cheers Taniya.We all are praying for you.Get well soon.
Those who are willing to contact us please find the contact information below:
Niladri Sekhar Dutta(2005 Civil)-9836017477
Chiranjib sardar(2005 ETC)-9836872807
Comments by Sanjukta Dan from India on Thursday, May 03, 2007 at 01:22 - IP Logged
While we are discussing about monetory help, we should also discuss about quality of the treatment she is receiving. I had taken my mother to CMC, Vellore (Orthopedic dept), where I have seen numerous cases similar to tania, being treated very effectively. Some of the doctors I would recommend there are Dr. Sundarraj, Dr. Daniel, Dr. Titus, all with outstanding qualification and experience. If arrangements can be made for taking Tania to Vellore, she will be in safe hands. Also, the doctors there are not too keen on the fees part. If requested with valid reasons, they are ready to exempt a considerable amount of the hospital expenses. I have spoken to Tania about this. The main problem is carrying her all the way to CMC, Vellore.
Wishing tania a speedy recovery!
Comments by Pravat Kumar Bag from India on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 at 06:13 - IP Logged
Taniya will definitely get well soon and keep on smiling.
Comments by Arup K Datta from United States on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 at 06:07 - IP Logged
You will get well soon ...
Arup Datta Met 89
Comments by Suman Paul - 2000 ETC from India on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 at 04:26 - IP Logged
You will get well soon ...
Comments by Arindam from India on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 at 04:04 - IP Logged
Keep Smiling!!!!U will get well soon
Comments by Susobhan Ghosh, 69CE from United States on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 at 15:13 - IP Logged
We all pray for your speedy recovery. You have a great smile, please keep smiling. We will do whatever we can do.
Susobhan-da from Houston, Texas
Rajeeb: Thanks for posting Tania's photo.
Comments by Deb Roy - 87 ETC (15, Sen) from United States on Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 09:48 - IP Logged
Please let us know her bank account information. Almost all the people who live outside India maintain NRI accounts and we can transfer money to that account easily.
Comments by Arup Ghosh from United States on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 17:51 - IP Logged
I would suggest alumni to look at it. Should that be to cover up immediate need for her treatment, doctor's fee and also out of pocket expenses, mobile phone bills (?).............
Comments by Saswata Misra, 94 CST from Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 21:36 - IP Logged
This is a sad news for us alumni. I remember Taniya as a student who had received the Alumni Scholarship for all 5 yrs of her B.Arch education in the college. Can the alumni association provide some help from its corpus fund etc.? Let us pray for her speedy recovery. Thanks!



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