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Election of GAABESU Executive Committee 2009-11 - Monday, March 16, 2009 at 09:22


A list of valid nominations for 2009-11 - New on May 12, 2009

Election of GAABESU Executive Committee (EC) for 2009-11


1. Election of EC 2009-11 of GAABESU will be guided by the amended Memorandum of Association and Regulation (mailed to all members)

2. EC in its last meeting held on 28th February, 2009 has formed an Election Commission of 3-member team comprising of the following Alumni (Life Members):
(i) Prof. Jamini Kanta Das (1962EE) Chairman

(ii) Dr. Somnath Chakrabarti (1978ME) Member

(iii) Dr. Apurna Kumar Ghosh (1993MinE) Member

3. Election Commission in consultation with the EC is forwarding the following guidelines for conducting the election 2009-2011.

A. Any alumnus who has paid membership fees and has been acknowledged as such by the GAABESU office by March 31, 2009 will be eligible in the election process. E-mail ID of each member, if applicable will be published. will be used to distribute all messages and all the documents will be sent to this group.
Alumni office prepares a list of eligible voters with full name, address, e-mail, phone, dept.,degree and graduation year and send the list to all members electronically by April 02, 2009.

B. Alumni can vote by e-mail and/or in person if they live or visit Kolkata during Election Day. A member only can send his/her vote from his/her registered e-mail ID. In case he/she intends to change his/her e-mail ID, the ID has to be registered by April 07, 2009 and final voter list will be available to all members.

C. Nomination in a prescribed form needs to be submitted latest by April 30, 2009.

D. Last date of withdrawal of nomination is 8th May, 2009

E. The Election Commissions will verify all nominations and the final list will be sent to all members by May 12, 2009.

F. If needed, election will be held on June 06, 2009. Valid ballot paper will be dispatched by 15th May, 2009 to those alumni residing in India, having no e-mail ID. Postal ballots must reach to the GAABESU office by 5-00 P.M. on 6th June, 2009. If number of nominations is less than the total number of seats of 27, all valid nomination will be declared elected. The result of the election shall be declared by the election commission at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday the 13th June, 2009.

G. Immediately after the Annual General Meeting on the 13th June, the outgoing Honorary Secretary shall convene a joint meeting of the outgoing and newly elected Executive Committee for handing over the charge and Pro-tem President will be selected.

H. The Pro-tem President will conduct election for seven office-bearers, from amongst members of the Executive Committee, for the duration of two years of the Office of the Executive Committee on 20th June, 2009. Office-bearers will take charge of the office immediately after their election

(Jamini Kanta Das, 1962EE)
Chairman, Election Commission

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