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History and Success of Admission Grant Programme - Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 09:00


Last updated with the list of donors - Aug 24, 2011

Total Fund Raised for GAABESU Admission Grant - Rs 10 lacs


History and Success of GAABESU Admission Grant Programme

By Asim Deb, 1977ETC

GAABESU Adminssion Grant has started in 2006 at my batchmate Arnab’s house (Arnab Banerjee, 77 ETC) when his wife condemned the entire BEC alumni community, reason being a girl from a Midnapore district town did qualify through JEE but was shown the door by BESU as her father was financially challenged. I tried with the then VC if BESU can help, but I failed while Prof Shantanu Karmakar came forward.

On spot on that day. Rs.30,000/- was collected. Arnab was the first to come forward & then myself-. Then Pradosh-da (Ghosh, 67 Civil) arranged some fund from Delhi Alumni. The girl finally got admitted (Shantanu was in Delhi; & he came personally to my house to collect the cheque).

That was the beginning. Since then every year I am arranging an average of Rs.50-60 thousands for GAABESU. Main contributors are Debabrata Guha (77 Electrical), myself (except last year) & Pradosh-da (from Delhi Alumni). We ensured every financially challenged candidates could finally get their berth in BESU, since 2006. Thanks to Rajdeep Datta & Lt.Col Anjan Ghosh too.

1.       This year, for Admission fund the collection so far is Rs.332,000/- (Three Lac & thirty-two thousands), & have carry forward of Rs.36,000/- from previous years; so the total now is Rs.368,000/-.

2.      We are expecting more response; mostly from my 1977 batch.

3.       With some more inflow, we intend to make a corpus fund (FD); to generate enough annual interest to support 3-4 such candidates every year.

Please go thru’ the family profiles of recipients :

Members in the Family

Father's / Guardian's Occupation


Candidate 1




Candidate 2




Candidate 3




Candidate 4


Rickshaw Puller


Candidate 5




Candidate 6




Candidate 7


Tea Shop


Candidate 8


Daily Labour


Candidate 9




Candidate 10




Candidate 11


Daily Labour


Candidate 12


Rickshaw Puller


Our sincere thanks to Arnab & his wife, Debabrata Guha, Pradosh-da, Shantanu, Rajdeep & Anjan Ghosh. Thanks to my batchmates Sukanto-Anjana Roy, Tapan Gautam & Uday Chatterjee also; they contribute every year to the scholarship fund.

Thanks to contributors who came forward; mostly from my 1977 batch (Debprasad De, Amitava Ghosh, Sandip Rudra, Prasanta Chandra, Dipankar Sarkar, Abhijit Dutta) & to Purba Ghosh (87 ETC). More contributions are expected from my 1977 batch.

List of Donors (last updated on Aug 24, 2011)

  • Asim  Deb 1977 ETC INR 15000
  • Deb Prosad De  1977 CE INR 15000
  • Debabrata  Guha 1977 EE INR 15000
  • B.E College Alumni Association  Delhi INR 30000
  • Purba  Ghosh 1987 ETC INR 10000
  • Tapan K Gautam 1977 ETC INR 12000
  • Amitava  Ghosh 1977 CE INR 15000
  • Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.     INR 15000
  • Sandip  Rudra 1977 ME INR 15000
  • Debabrata  Guha 1977 EE INR 20000
  • Genesis IT Innovations Ltd.  INR 25000
  • Genesis IT Innovations Ltd.  INR 25000
  • Prashanta   Chandra 1977 ME INR 15000
  • Dipankar  Sarkar 1977 ME INR 15000
  • Abhijit  Dutta 1977 ME INR 10000
  • Well Wisher (Softcell Technologies Ltd.) INR 15000
  • HCL Infosystems Ltd. (Kishore Krishnan)  INR 50000
  • Dipak   Bhattacharya 1966 CE INR 10000
  • Sukanta K Roy 1977 ETC INR 10000
  • Anjana  Ganguly Roy 1977 ETC INR 10000
  • Well Wisher (Century Trade Service) Shylakumar Balu  Bangalore INR 10000
  • Supreme Mannings Induction Heating Pvt. Ltd. (Subhendu Dasgupta 1969 ME) INR 20000
  • Uday Shankar Chatterjee 1977 CE INR 10000
  • Sandip  Datta 1977 ME INR 15000
  • Swapan Baidya 1977ETC Rs.10,000.00
  • Well Wisher, Rs.50,000.00
  • Well Wisher, Rs. 7,000.00
  • Moloy K Ganguly, 1977EE, Rs. 10,000.00
  • Asim Deb, 1977 ETC, Rs. 10,000.00
  • IBM GTS-India/SA, Rs.1,00,000.00
  • Nirmal Datacom Pvt. Ltd., Rs.2,01,000.00
  • Ezeesoft Technoligies, Rs,1,79,400.00
  • Softcell Technoligies Ltd., Rs.15,000.00
  • Partha Sarathi Majumder 1982CE Rs.10,000.00  
  • Soumitra Chatterjee 1982ARCH   Rs. 13,000.00 (direct donation)
  • If you want to know more about this porgramme or want to contribute please contact GAABESU Office:

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