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GAABESU Celebrated 2nd Alumni Day on 27th Dec 2015 - Friday, October 09, 2015 at 21:42

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Invitational Debate on the occasion of Alumni Day on December 27th at IIEST Campus - Call for Debaters

The Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering & Science University (now Indian Institute of Science, Engineering and Technology or IIEST), Sibpore is hosting the Alumni Re-union on the last Sunday of the calendar year, a ritual on its first anniversary.   With the change in the status of the Institute from a State Government administered Engineering College (later on Deemed University to Bengal Engineering and Science University) to a Central Government run Institute of National Importance, the challenges and opportunities for the growth in the emerging areas together with the maintenance and improvement of existing infrastructure are significantly larger.  Actually, the difference is of completely different dimensions. With the recent emphasis in reduction of monetary assistance to all centrally administered institutions and potential of increasing budget deficits in those academic institutes, our Alma Mater (IIEST) will also encounter the increased cloud of uncertainty.   While IIEST shares the pride of having one of the most organized and benevolent Alumni base in the country, the important question the Alums are facing these days is how to support the institute and her communities in all possible areas in the changed environment.  As the boundaries are not defined, one of the fundamental questions that surfaces often is the role of the Alumni Association and whether the Alumni Association should be involved in the internal affairs of the institute.  This question can be addressed from many different directions and our association wants to take the opportunity to widen up the discussion forum in a structured manner.   In view of the above Global Alumni Association (consisting of graduates of BEC/BECDU/BESU and now IIEST) will host a debate on the Alumni Day at the Institute Hall in the Sibpore campus starting at 11.00 am with the following motion:   “Alumni should not interfere with the internal affairs of the Institute”.   This debate will be judged by none other than our Distinguished Alumnus, Honorary Sri Tathagata Roy, Governor of Tripura.  Participation from all constituents of IIEST will enrich the deliberations and we expect this healthy discussion will shed light on the institute-alumni collaboration, intensify passionate participation from the alumni communities and encourage many such discussions in the future to address uncertainties.

If you are interested to participate please let me know whether you would like to speak in favor or against the motion. Since time is a constraint and we have lot of other fun filled activities we will have to limit the number of speakers in the forum.   Therefore, it will be of real help to submit a brief bio (no more than 100 words) in support of your nomination by 16th December 2015. Also, if you think there are interested speakers in our IIEST Community who can add value to these deliberations plea se feel free to forward the announcement.

Thank you,

Biman Ghosh, 1981 Met President, GAABESU

An Appeal to Donate (Closed now)

 For Indian donors, please pay on-line at SBI Collect. PayPal donation is closed as of  Dec 20, 2015

Benefits for donation (Minimum USD 100 from Abroad and INR 1000 from India)

  • A hard copy of souvenir from GAABESU Office in person
  • An event memento from GAABESU Office in person
  • Acknowledgment in the souvenir
  • Income tax benefits for qualified donations in India and USA
  • GAABESU life membership for qualified donation

List of Donors (20-Dec-2015)

Date FirstName Year Dept Amount (Rs.) Amount ($) Currency
06.10.2015 Partha Pratim Roy 1997 CE 3500   INR
07.10.2015 Debabrata Bhattacharjee 1959 ME 3500   INR
28.10.2015 Asit Kumar Palit 1963 ME 1000   INR
05.11.2015 Prabir Neogi 1962 CE 500   INR
12.11.2015 Asok Kumar Ghosh 1965 MIN 500   INR
14.11.2015 Sk Manihuddin 1962 CE 500   INR
18.11.2015 Amit Roy Chowdhury 1989 ME 500   INR
20.11.2015 Chirantan Chattopadhyaya 1961 ME 500   INR
23.11.2015 Salil Chandra Roy 1962 CE 500   INR
23.11.2015 Dibyendu Roy Chowdhury 1965 CE 1000   INR
26.11.2015 Indrajit Sen 1961 ME 500   INR
26.11.2015 Jyoti Mazumder 1972 MET   200 USD
26.11.2015 Biman Ghosh 1981 MET   101 USD
26.11.2015 Sumit Banerjee 1978 MET   200 USD
05.12.2015 Biswajit Sengupta  1981 EE   100 USD
05.12.2015 Saumitra Sinha 1981 MET   100 USD
07.12.2015 Biswajit Ray 1981 EE   100 USD
07.12.2015 Tarun Basu 1967 CE   100 USD
08.12.2015 Sujit Ghosh 1990 ETC   101 USD
11.12.2015 Hemendra Talesara 1981 ETC   100 USD
11.12.2015 Subhasis Saha 1981 ETC   101 USD
14.12.2015 Santanu Bhowmik 2001 MIN 500   INR
15.12.2015 Saptarshi Majumdar 1995 EE   100 USD
15.12.2015 Amar Misra 1997 EE 5000   INR

Following alumnii from 1974 batch sponsored Volunteer's  T-shirts of Alumni Day 2014 and the are acknowledged here.

Pradip Sinha  1974 ME       Bankim Majumder 1974 CE       Debendra N Chatterjee 1974 CE       Saibal Baul 1974 CE       Satyesh Datta Majumder  1974 CE       Amitabha Datta 1974 CE

An appeal to display their creative works

GAABESU is pleased to announce that we are offering a platform for our alumnus who are interested in displaying their creative works of literature, musics, paintings, sketches, and artistic merchandising.  GAABESU would offer shareable desks on the Alumni Day of 27th December 2015, where you can display and sell your own products. Interested alumnus are requested to contact GAABESU office ( or call +91-33-2668-7436/4564 between 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Monday to Saturday), before 24th December 2015, confirming their participation.

While it would be FREE for the GAABESU Life Members, a nominal charge to Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) would be charged from other participants.


  • The displays should strictly be the creative works of our alumnus only and not from any third party.
  • Alumnus should arrange their own people to display their products and interact with interested buyers.
  • GAABESU would offer only the space (shareable tables) but won’t be responsible for any logistic services.
  • This offer is restricted to only creative and artworks, not for any commercial services for other kinds of business or services.

 Alumni Day 2015

Dear fellow alumni,

We are very excited to extend the tradition of celebrating annual “Alumni Day” on the last Sunday of each year. Our plan is to observe the second “Alumni Day” on December 27th 2015 at our own IIEST Campus.

 The goal here is to reminisce our bygone days with friends and families and rekindle our camaraderie at our own campus. The celebration will comprise of day-long fun filled family events organized by the alumni for the alumni and their families (irrespective of GAABESU membership status). The date of the annual event is fixed on the last Sunday of each year so that our local alumni can plan their out of town vacations. Our out of town alumni can plan their Kolkata/India trip well in advance. Please block your Calendar for the second Alumni Day on last Sunday of 2015 which is December 27th.

We understand most of our alumni meet regularly with their local alumni in chapter events and/or meet fellow batch-mates in various batch events. While you meet your batch-mates during your Silver Jubilee, 30th, 40th and 50th Jubilee or even at annual reunion, you may like to meet your immediate juniors or seniors who stayed in the same hostel with you or with whom you played at Lords or Oval. In addition, you will have a chance to network as well as socialize with other alums who may be working in the same industry or who have the same interest as you or who has attended same graduate school as you.

Please find below the tentative schedule:

Time                            Intended Activities

9 am to 10 am            Registration followed by Adda with Tea and Coffee

10 am to 10:30 am     Inaugural Session

10:30 am to 1 pm       Campus Tour, Sports and Group Activities by Alumni Families (Picnic style)

1 pm to 2:30 pm         Alumni Day Lunch (Grand Feast)

2:30 pm to 5 pm         Games Activities for Families and Kids; Old Reunion Format Business Meet; Felicitation of Retired Professors; Cultural Program by Alumni and Families.

5 pm to 5:30 pm         High Tea

 Contribution: An amount of ` 500/- will be charged as registration fees for all registered GAABESU members. For all other alumni, the registration fees is ` 1000/- . Additional amount of ` 500/- will be charged per family (above 10 years of age). Contribution is optional for any alumni graduated on or before 1965.

Call for Articles for Souvenir:

Publication Sub Committee of Alumni Day 2015, solicits articles from all IIEST, Shibpur stake-holders (alumni/alumnae, faculty members, students, staffs and administration) for the Souvenir to be published during our Annual Alumni Day celebration on December 27, 2015.  This will be our 2nd Alumni Day and the Souvenir will be a printed version. Please follow the guidelines shown below while submitting your manuscript.

Deadline – November 25, 2015 (Closed now)
Maximum  - 4 pages (single spacing) in Microsoft Word via e-mail only
Contact –
Content – Anything you feel appropriate for our alumni community including technical articles or campus memoirs

Please confirm your participation to Circulate this invitation in your network and register your friends’ email id with us.

Your former classmates, seniors and juniors cordially invite you and your family to join the 2nd Alumni Day.

Please confirm your participation through email to You may also please circulate this invitation within your network and register also your friends’ email id with us.

Anticipating positive and enthusiastic response from you.

On Behalf of the Steering Committee,

Amitabha Datta (74 CE) & Arunava Lahiri (79 MET)

Co-Chairpersons, Steering Committee, Alumni Day 2015)


Venue: IIEST Shibpur Campus, India

How to Register?

  • Registration Form [PDF or Word]
  • On-line Registration - Please click here.
  • Payment Information [PDF]
  • GAABESU Life Member - Rs 500/-
  • GAABESU non-Life Member - Rs 1000/-
  • Friends/Relatives/Spouse/Children - Rs 500/- per head
  • Registration fee is optional for 1965 batch and prior batches. Preferred mode of payment is through GAABESU online payment system of State Bank India Collect. However, payments can be made by cheque/draft/cash.

How to Sponsor?

  • Sponsorship Brochure [PDF]

Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray (74ETC), Director, IIEST, Shibpur
  • Prof. Gautam Biswas ('79ME)  - Director, IIT Guwahati
  • Prof. Indranil Manna (83MET), Director, IIT  Kanpur
  • Dr. Biman Bandopadhyay (84CE), Registrar, IIEST Shibpur
  • Prof. Santanu Kumar Karmakar (83ME), Dean, Alumni Affairs and External Relations, IIEST Shibpur
  • Prof. Aditya Bandyopadhyay (79ARCH), Dean, Infrastructure, Planning & Management, IIEST Shibpur
  • Mr. Amitabha Ghosal (57CE), Past President of GAABESU
  • Dr. Arun Deb (57 ME), Past President of GAABESU
  • Mr. Asit Palit (63CE), Past President of GAABESU
  • Mrs. Mitali Chatterjee (79ETC), DG, STQC, Ministry of Communication and IT, Government of India
  • Shri Kankar Prasad Barui (95ME), IPS, DCP (DD), Bidhannagar City Police

Steering Committee

  • Amitabha Datta (74CE), Co-Chairperson & Ex-Officio for of Sponsorship Sub-Committee
  • Arunava Lahiri (79MET), Co-Chairperson & Ex-Officio for Registration Sub-Committee
  • Aloke Ranjan Bhunia (81ETC), Member & Ex-Officio for Finance Sub-Committee
  • Chirantan Chattopadhyay (61ME), Member & Ex-Officio for Event Management Sub-Committee
  • Mukulesh Debnath (95CE), Member & Ex-Officio for Publicity Sub-Committee
  • Syama Prasad Datta (67CE), Member & Ex-Officio for Publication Sub-Committee
  • Anirban Gupta (89CE), Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and External Relations, IIEST and Ex-officio Member of Steering Committee for Alumni Day 2015

Publication Sub-Committee

  • Tarun Kumar Basu (67CE), Chief Editor
  • Debargha Sengupta (98ARCH), Convenor
  • Sandeep Chatterjee (98ME, Coordinator
  • Niladri Chakraborty (00ME), Member
  • Soham Mitra (15CE), Member
  • Syama Prasad Datta (67CE), Ex-officio Member

Publicity Sub-Committee

  • Biman Kumar Ghosh (81MET), Convenor (USA)
  • Prabir Niyogi (62CE), Coordinator (Canada)
  • Krishnendu Pal (96CE), Coordinator (Middle East)
  • Puspasourav Biswas (03EE), Coordinator (India)
  • Biswajit Mitra (82EE), Coordinator (Europe)
  • Himansu Kumar Banerjee (59CE), Coordinator (Australia)
  • Mukulesh Debnath (95CE), Ex-officio Member

Event Management Sub-Committee

  • Koustav Biswas (00ME), Convenor
  • Debajyoti Debnath (97CE), Event Coordinator
  • Asim Deb (77ETC), Coordinator for Creative Works by Alumni
  • Subhasish Majumdar (80ME), Member & Coordinator for Class of 1980
  • Netai Chandra Dey (86MIN), Member & Coordinator for Class of 1986
  • Sanjoy Sanyal (96CE), Member & Coordinator for Class of 1996
  • Sitangshu Roy (97CE), Member & Coordinator for Class of 1997
  • Bikram Das (15CE), Member & Coordinator for Class of 2015
  • Chirantan Chattopadhyay (61ME), Ex-officio Member

Finance Sub-Committee

  • Somnath Sinha Ray (87ARCH), Convenor
  • Partha Sarathi Maumder (82CE), Coordinator
  • Amar Misra (97EE), Member
  • Aloke Ranjan Bhunia (81ETC), Ex-officio Member

Sponsorship Sub-Committee

  • Debendra Narayan Chattopadhyay (74CE), Convenor
  • Debasish Kar (85ARCH), Coordinator
  • Nilangshu Bhusan Basu (77CE), Member
  • Satyadeb Bhattacharyya (79CE), Member
  • Malay Ghosh (78CE), Member
  • Bijit Sen (97EE), Member
  • Partha Protim Chattopadhyay (84MET), Member
  • Amitabha Datta (74CE), Ex-officio Member

Registration Sub-Committee

  • Barun Kumar Basak (71ME), Convenor
  • Suman Nihar (10ME), Coordinator
  • Arunava Lahiri (79MET), Ex-officio Member

First Alumni Day Dec 28 2014 - Complete Coverage - Thursday, October 09, 2014  


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