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Oonoashi (79) - Wednesday, June 30, 2004 at 13:55

Contributed by Ramanath Datta, ETC 79,  9C Bosepukur Road Kolkata 700042.

Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee, B E College 1979 Alumni B E College, Shibpore



Dear Friend,


It was raining that day; raining like hell !


The general mood in and around the megapolis was somber under an overcast sky. The rain-soaked day could not, however, dampen the spirit of those wide-eyed dream merchants who, wading through flooded streets, were heading towards the El Dorado of their future,- Bengal Engineering College, Sibpur.


Guys in their late teens were trooping from all over West Bengal and beyond down to Sibpur, some nervously clutching their parents’ hands, some trying to show off a pseudo  adulthood. That was 1974. The rain that day brought the smell of freshness, sowing the seeds of 275 new lives!


The time went on, waiting for none; the ticking of clock swept the budding technocrats off their nests of five years of close camaraderie in B.E.College. The history repeated; it was another afternoon engulfed by lashing rain. But the rain drops that afternoon seemed to be oozing out of the heavy hearts, the hearts that were weeping to say ‘au revoir’.


We stayed together; we ate together; we danced, rejoiced, smiled, roamed, together; we even studied together. We blossomed together that afternoon--the result was out. At one stroke of “time”, we became ‘ex’. The heavy cloud of that late afternoon was gradually casting a dark shadow over the faces of the ex-students of 1979 ( Oonoashi ).


It has been quarter-of-a-century since most of us last met each other!! The passing years kept us busy in careers, in adding our life partners, in bringing those beautiful beings in our lives. Yet we possibly longed at every step of our journey to go back, down the memory lane, to the arms of our dearest friends of those five years. The carefree budding years in our beloved alma mater.


While most of us were oblivious of the separation, some kept a vigil. They initiated the painstaking task of tracking down their old pals, literally from every nook & cranny of the globe. They, aided by some good Samaritans of the Oonoashi batch, arranged few meets as building blocks towards a memorable reunion. The last one was held on 15th May 2004.


It was resolved that the grand finale would be held on 26 DECEMBER 2004, SUNDAY at B.E.COLLEGE.


It is needless to emphasize that you MUST keep all other activities on that day at bay, MUST attend the reunion with your family, and, prior to that, MUST immediately enroll yourself with Oonoashi. Please fill up the attached  form and send it to anyone of “ Contact Persons”.


Also, it will be appreciated if you could inform of the REUNION to all the batch-mates of 1979 who you are in touch with and may come across in the next few months that we are left with. We must collectively endeavour to reach this message to as many of our batch-mates as humanly possible. The contribution/family will be Rs.2400. You may transfer or send crossed cheque/ Draft in favour of OONOASHI, A/c no. CD E/467 United Bank of India , B E College Extension Counter.


So, then, get ready for the D-day on 26 December 2004, Sunday.


With warmest regards & lots of love,

For & on behalf of the Oonashi organizing committee

Arunava Lahiri




NICK NAME( if disclosable)




Hostel ( e.g. 13-15- Wolf)


Telephone ( Residence)


Telephone ( Office)




e-mail address


Name of Spouse


Date of Marriage


Name of Wards e.g. khoka( m12), khuki( F 9)


Present Address( Residence)

Permanent Address




Office Address








Favourite Past-time



Suggestion for Oonoashi( you may use back side of page)



Please send us your following photographs :

  1. Any  photograph taken in between 1974 to 1979
  2. Your present photograph
  3. Your family photograph

Contact Persons:


  1. Amit Kumar Das, Prof & HOD, CST Dept. B E College, Shibpur Howrah 711103 Tel : 033-26686151(Direct)
  2. Aditya Banerjee, Registrar , B E College, Shibpur Howrah 711103 Tel : 033-26681503 (Direct), Mobile : 9433014171
  3. Ashis Basu –CD 111 SaltLake City,  Kolkata 700064 Tel : 033-2337 0518 ; Mobile : 9830399208
  4. Gopinath Chattopadhyay: 11 Ramor Street Kenmore Brisbane Queensland Australia 4069
  5. Subrata Basu ( Civil) – 58/133 Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata 700045 , Tel : 24179155;  Mobile : 98312 57454
  6. Ashok Sinha (Electrical) –  53C Chowl Patty Road Kolkata  700010 Tel: 033-23631284
  7. Arup Gangpadhyay : 24260 Roma Ridge Drive Novi Michigan 48374 USA Tel : 2483493186
  8. Saumick Banerjee( Min) – 5/3F Raja Monindra Road Kolkata 700037 Tel : 033-25566094, 033-25536535
  9. Priyabrata Sinha ( Met) – A9/14 East Calcutta Township Project, Tel : 24423458 Mobile : 94330 14408
  10. Rupak Kumar Bhattacharyya : 894 Eastwood Drive, Port Elgin Ontario Canada NOH2C4 Tel : (519) 389 6565
  11. Bhaswati RoyChowdhury: P.O. Box 1298 Postal Code 114 Muttrah Muscat , Sultanate of Oman Tel : 00968707898  
  12. Debashis Bhaduri – 56 Balaram Mazumdar Street, Kolkata 700005 Tel:  033-25543756; Mobile :9831207228
  13. Ramanath Datta – 9C BOSEPUKUR ROAD KOLKATA 700042, Tel : 033-24426155 Mobile : 98300 38179
  14. Moloy Ghosh : B-11/190 Deodhar Avenue Kalyani Nadia 741235 Tel :   033-25829295  Mobile : 98300 70512
  15. Bhabatosh Chanda :  125 MS Mukherjee Road , Khardah ,  24  Parganas 700116 Tel :033-25633097

Comments by Readers
Comments by Kusal Chattrejee from United States on Wednesday, December 22, 2004 at 11:10 - IP Logged
Dear friends, I was one of yours on that rainy day of 1974 but my fate took me away from you but my heart was always there and I still remember the faces of young spirits as I read some of the names here in the list.Arunava message is great and hope you and everyone in 1974 remember me. I would love to be in touch, my contact nos are 5083033095 and 5083536952 in USA and email I am in touch with Shiladitya and few others.
Pl do write whoever remembers me, Moloy, Ashis I bet you remember me, if not I will call you guys.
with love
Kusal Chatterjee
Comments by Gautam Banerjee from United States on Thursday, July 01, 2004 at 19:18 - IP Logged
Dear Arunava,
Where possible e-mail ids may be included against the above contacts. That will facilitate forwarding photographs faster, surer and easier.



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